FC Barcelona | Summary, goals and result of Córdoba-Barça Atlètic in the final of the play-off for promotion to the Second Division

FC Barcelona | Summary, goals and result of Córdoba-Barça Atlètic in the final of the play-off for promotion to the Second Division
FC Barcelona | Summary, goals and result of Córdoba-Barça Atlètic in the final of the play-off for promotion to the Second Division


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It could not be. After rowing and rowing, Barça Atlètic drowned on the shore. Rafa Márquez’s men were just one step away from promotion, they went from better to worse and ended up succumbing to a Córdoba team that, spurred on by their fans, was a more solid team and knew how to overcome Héctor Fort’s great goal. The executioner was Alberto Toril, who had already scored against Johan Cruyff. First, with a shot between the Barça centre-backs, and then, after taking advantage of an error in the release of the ball. It couldn’t be, but this team deserves recognition and the loudest of applause. They will try again.

Brave and without complexes. This is how Barça Atlètic came out in a crowded, feverish and hostile Nuevo Arcángel. Like a veteran team when the average age is barely over 19 years old. But that was how Rafa Márquez’s team gained ground against a Córdoba that was totally surprised.

Great start and great goal from Héctor Fort

The Mexican coach repeated the same eleven from the first leg at the Estadi Johan Cruyff, but the staging was much better. Aware that only victory was worth it, the reserve team got to work and the first minute of play had not yet passed when Pau Víctor crossed from the right, and first Marc Guiu and then Moha, created the first chances. Shortly after, it was Mika Faye in a long free kick who tested local goalkeeper Carlos Martín.

That it had been practically impregnable in the Johan but could do little in the face of Héctor Fort’s second incursion. The one from Les Corts, ‘recruited’ for the occasion, shot down the right wing and crossed it dry and low to overtake the Blaugranas. A great goal that gave Márquez’s team promotion… but there was still a long way to go.

Toril, doublet and nightmare

Because Córdoba reacted when Barça Atlètic had managed to cool the game the most. The minutes passed without great danger until Toril appeared, who had already scored against Johan Cruyff and confirmed himself as the most dangerous footballer of the green and white team. After half an hour, and after the hydration break, the Córdoba ‘killer’ found a gap between the two Barça centre-backs. Neither Pelayo nor Faye were successful in this action, and the shot went into the net.

The goal was followed by two medical emergencies, the game was interrupted and Barça Atlètic ended up calling for half-time… after 11 minutes of added time! Córdoba went towards the second and Toril almost achieved it. The subsidiary knew how to suffer and went to the locker room with a tie after going from more to less.

But the resumption maintained the same inertia. A very pressing Córdoba and willing to resolve against a Barça Atlètic that was losing steam and confidence. Throughout the match, Rafa Márquez’s team did not lose its essence and wanted to get the ball under control from behind. And after a couple of scares, tragedy arrived. They passed it between Marc Vidal and Faye, it reached Casadó in bad conditions, Diarra recovered and Toril scored with a volley, who else.

The 2-1 already made the game uphill. The fans played their role and the game became rougher. Isma Ruiz could see the red one but they only showed him the yellow one after a harsh tackle on Marc Casadó that led to a brawl.

The Blaugranas looked for it in set pieces and in bursts of pride. But the opportunities came in dribs and drabs. The elusive one entered Dani Rodriguez for Marc Guiu and after the hydration break, Pocho Román entered for Moha. The couple that revolutionized Johan’s game on the pitch was already there. Alarcón also entered the final stretch for Pelayo to play with three behind and burn all the ships. It was tried, but it was impossible. A real shame.

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