Córdoba received 764.4 tons of meat to export to Europe, 40 tons more than this year

The national government made official this Monday the distribution of the Hilton quota, the quota of 30 thousand tons of high-value chilled beef cuts that are exported to the European Union (EU) for the 2024/2025 commercial year.

In this way, meat processing plants and producer groups that received quota to ship will now be able to do so from July 1 to June 30, 2025.

According to the resolution published in the Official bulletin39 national meat processing plants will manage a volume of 25,776.07 tons, in addition to a freely available fund of 526 tons, to which establishments that comply with shipments throughout the business year can draw.

For their part, 25 producer groups and livestock associations distributed 2,397.58 tons, in addition to 516 tons from the freely available fund, which makes up a total of 2,913.82 tons as a stimulus to primary production.

In total, what was assigned to the refrigerators and the producer groups makes a volume of 29,216.42 tons.

TO EUROPE. The Hilton quota has a volume of 30 thousand tons. (The Voice/Archive).

The new distribution occurs a few days after it became known that the country could not comply with the shipment of the tons assigned in the commercial year that ended on June 30.

The lack of heavy steers, in part due to the purification of the registry of livestock establishments authorized to produce the steer at pace, for not meeting the requirements demanded by the EU.

In the case of the province of Córdoba, two meat processing plants –Logros, located in Río Segundo, and Bustos and Beltrán, in Juárez Celman– received a total of 754.04 tons, while the group of producers Fideicomiso CBA Beef, located in Río Cuarto , starts the cycle with 10.36 tons.

In the distribution, Logros received 704.04 tons, the same value as in the previous year but which it was able to increase by more than 200 tons through the freely available fund. While Bustos and Beltrán were assigned 50 tons (last year they had not received quota, but were able to operate through the freely available fund).

In the case of the group of producers based in Río Cuarto, the volume is half of that received in the previous cycle, when it had received 20 tons.

In the commercial year that ends at the end of the month, the two Cordoba meat processing plants managed to ship 1,152 tons, 63% more than what was assigned, the highest volume in the last six years.

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