Sancti Spíritus and the challenge of the School Games – Radio Sancti Spíritus

Sancti Spíritus and the challenge of the School Games – Radio Sancti Spíritus
Sancti Spíritus and the challenge of the School Games – Radio Sancti Spíritus

More than 270 athletes from Sancti Spíritus will compete in the 60th School Games

Less than a week separates us from the start of the National High Performance School Games, an event that will have as its highest priority, celebrating the 60th birthday of the creation by our Commander in Chief of the multi-sports event, the forge of the vast majority of athletes who They have given prestige to Sancti Spíritus and Cuba in international commitments.

On June 29, the first phase will begin and Sancti Spíritus will host the sports shooting competitions, school and youth categories, as well as youth baseball, while the second stage of the 60 National School Games will take place from the 8th to the 14th, in the sports of under-18 football, men’s branch, archery and school road cycling.

The school event will have 274 athletes from Sancti Spíritus and 64 coaches in action, while 85 athletes will compete in the national youth games. Along with them, 16 delegates and 34 referees will also participate in the school category, while in junior sports, 18 coaches will act, three delegates and four impartials.

There are many goals that the sports movement in Sancti Spíritus has set for the event. They will have to face different challenges, since in the face of the critical competitive route they have faced serious fuel and transportation limitations, a period in which they have only encountered nearby provinces, but not with the eastern provinces, in the end, their strongest rivals. .

According to Yudelquis Llorente, deputy sports director of the EIDE Lino Salabarría Pupo, the preparation of the Sancti Spiritus delegation is at more than 90%, facing its main challenge, which is to equal seventh place, achieved in 2023, the best historical result in all time, which dated back to 2019.

The task will not be easy, but not impossible. The Yayabera delegation will begin its competitions in 12 disciplines and will be championed by the territory’s flagship sports such as swimming, baseball, athletics, as well as archery and sports, all at the elite level in Cuba.

To achieve the goal of equaling seventh place at the country level, it will be necessary to combine efforts in the 25 sports in which the two phases will be competed, and to do so, several disciplines will have to “wake up” from their lethargy, and contribute to the medal table in for better locations and even competitive results. Only in this way will the sport of Sancti Spíritus be able to aspire to its great dream, climbing to sixth place in Cuba.

There is confidence in the coaches, commissioners and athletes who prepare, day by day, at the EIDE Lino Salabarría Pupo. Will they achieve it? Time will tell the last word. Being among the six avant-garde provinces of school sports in the Greater Antilles is not a chimera, but a goal that is possible.

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