Exodus in San Luis Potosí

Exodus in San Luis Potosí
Exodus in San Luis Potosí

There is an exodus in Cárdenas, San Luis Potosí. Entire families leave the municipality, drowned by extortion, threats, kidnappings, siege: the impunity displayed by organized crime.

In March of this year, a group of unknown people abandoned five bodies in front of the Municipal Palace of Cárdenas. The mayor of the Verde Ecologista, Jorge Omar Muñoz Martínez, known as “El Melones”, had requested a license to get into the electoral race and operate the campaign of a similar candidate. The discovery of those five bodies caused the state governor to withdraw his support. Maybe the message had been clear.

Finally, in Cárdenas the PT won. But Edgar Miguel Hernández’s campaign, “El Conta”, was approved and favored by the cell of the Jalisco Nuevo Generación Cartel that operates in the region. Intelligence reports indicate that the person who was the campaign coordinator for “El Conta” is the father-in-law of the head of that criminal group in the middle zone of the state.

In 2020 federal forces detained a woman in Cárdenas. He carried with him a blanket signed by the Gulf Cartel, which contained threats against a subject named Héctor Ávalos, whom Sedena later located as the leader of the CJNG in Cárdenas, Rayón, Tamasopo, Rioverde and Alaquines, among other municipalities.

According to reports, Ávalos was close to the soon-to-be mayor of Verde, Jorge Omar Muñoz, El Melones. In June 2020, however, he was arrested with drugs in the municipality of Rayón.

During his time in prison he was or felt betrayed by his former ally. According to the intelligence sources consulted, it is likely that Ávalos left the bodies in front of the Cárdenas mayor’s office, as a way to warn that he was back and was going to collect them.

This character is responsible for the wave of murders, kidnappings, extortions and disappearances that have led to the exodus of numerous families from Cárdenas, San Luis Potosí. Since his release from prison, the worst streak of violence that has ever been experienced in the region began.

Two other individuals were mentioned on the blanket carried by the woman detained in 2020: a certain Commander Lucifer and a man nicknamed “La Loba.”

In a Sedena report, “Commander Lucifer” is identified as Eduardo de Jesús Muñoz Brambila; “La Loba”, like Víctor Manuel Reyes de León, arrested with drugs (cocaine, crystal and marijuana) in 2020 in Tamasopo.

The report informs that the cell of the Jalisco Cartel that operates in the middle zone has the protection of the mayor of Cárdenas, “El Melones”, and with the collaboration of two individuals who were military: Pablo Ramón Palomino Rojas, of the 40th Infantry Battalion , and Jesús Ortega Coronado, who deserted from the National Guard in September 2020.

Throughout the region, kidnappings are committed in daylight. The video of a kidnapping on a central street, committed by men wearing caps and face masks, went viral two years ago. In 2023, a shooting in the main garden of Cárdenas, a few meters from the Municipal Palace, unleashed terror among the population. The Red Cross canceled its services in that municipality. From eight at night, the streets are deserted: clashes between criminal groups are frequent: the Jalisco Cartel, the Gulf Cartel, the San Luis Potosí New Generation Cartel, the United Huasteca Cartel and even the Michoacana Family.

In one weekend, 15 people disappeared in Cárdenas, Rayón and Alaquines. Just in April, elements of the Civil Guard rescued 46 migrants who were locked in a building in Rioverde: a minor had informed the agents that several people were deprived of their liberty in a warehouse: the authorities found Hondurans there , Salvadorans and Guatemalans.

At the beginning of this month, the bodies of three people appeared with visible signs of torture, and tied up, in the main square of Rioverde, inside a van. Just on June 12, armed men took three young people who were sleeping in their homes.

Residents carry out marches and protests demanding peace and security. In Cárdenas, the Brownsville neighborhood is beginning to run out of families, according to the newspaper Quadratín SLP.

Murders, kidnappings, attacks on homes, patrols and command offices are part of daily life in the middle zone of San Luis Potosí. The advance of criminal organizations and their capture of daily life have turned the lives of hundreds of thousands of Potosinos into hell. From the federal and state governments, the crisis of violence and insecurity, however, has been denied.

It is the crisis that his predecessor will bequeath to Claudia Sheinbaum’s government: a stick of dynamite, made of collusion with local politics, that sooner rather than later will end up exploding in his hands.

Hopefully, instead of denying reality, as has happened these six years, the incoming government understands that, to be viable, it is essential to confront and correct.

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6/24/2024 · 06:00

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