JUNJI Valparaiso invites you to keep your body moving and avoid crowds during the winter holidays – G5noticias

Promoting and maintaining outdoor activities as much as the weather allows is crucial for the physical and emotional well-being of children.

Winter holidays have arrived, and it is essential to remember the importance of keeping the body moving to reduce stress levels and improve emotional well-being, especially in girls and boys. Activities that involve movement or active play not only strengthen the body, but also the emotions, contributing to healthy development. It is essential to consider the necessary safeguards associated with the winter season to enjoy these activities.

Winter weather should not be an impediment for boys and girls to go outdoors. Taking advantage of the warmer days to enjoy parks and open spaces is an excellent way to encourage their development. Taking the necessary measures, such as dressing appropriately and protecting yourself from the cold, allows children to enjoy fresh air and stay active.

During this season, it is crucial to avoid crowded places such as shopping malls, movie theaters or other closed spaces, where the risk of contracting respiratory diseases is greater. Opting for outdoor activities or in less crowded spaces is an effective way to protect the health of children.

Self-care Measures

The regional director(s) of JUNJI Valparaíso, Beatriz Lagos, emphasized the importance of incorporating self-care measures into the daily routine: «Frequent hand washing with soap and water is a fundamental measure to prevent the spread of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. , among other. This habit should be encouraged in both children and adults,” she said.

The authority invited families to promote a balanced and varied diet during the winter season for the comprehensive development of boys and girls, ensuring that they receive the necessary nutrients to stay healthy during the winter. He even pointed out that cooking as a family, setting the table and generating team activities allows boys and girls to feel integrated and valued.

In this sense, the authority assured that from an early age, it is important to teach children to sneeze or cough correctly, covering their nose and mouth with their forearm. If they use disposable paper, they should learn to throw it in a trash can immediately and then wash their hands with soap and water. These habits are essential for reducing the spread of germs and maintaining a safer, healthier environment.

With this invitation, JUNJI Valparaiso joins the “IN WINTER, WE TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES” campaign, because although winter brings challenges, keeping the body moving and adopting self-care measures and a balanced diet are key to ensuring well-being and healthy development. of the boys and girls. Promoting outdoor trips and avoiding crowds will contribute to a safer and more active winter.

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