Unimagdalena takes over the municipalities with Talento Magdalena

Unimagdalena takes over the municipalities with Talento Magdalena
Unimagdalena takes over the municipalities with Talento Magdalena

Unimagdalena visits 11 municipalities in the department of Magdalena to continue promoting access tohe Magdalena Talent program.

On Tuesday, June 18, the rector of the University of Magdalena, Pablo Vera Salazar, accompanied by an interdisciplinary team from the Vice-Rector’s Office for Extension and Social Projection, began a tour of 11 municipalities of Magdalena. This tour aims to strengthen the university’s commitment to young people from across the department through the signing of agreements relevant to the Magdalena Talent program “The Route of Opportunities.”

This program focuses on closing inequality gaps through free and regionalized access to higher education for outstanding students due to their academic merit.

Magdalena Talent in Concordia

The university delegation visited the municipality of Concordia, where they were received at the Departmental Basic and Secondary Educational Institution -Indebameco-. During the event, the rector Pablo Vera Salazar highlighted the achievements achieved in this municipality, such as the expansion of 12 new places and the permanence of 60 favored students, of which two are already graduates with the Unimagdalena seal.

“We continue to bring more young people from the territories to study relevant and key programs for the development of communities. Nearly 2,400 have achieved that goal and we are approaching the first 100 graduates.” Said the Rector Pablo Vera Salazar.

The municipal mayor, Pedro Ospino Castro expressed his desire to continue collaborating with the Alma Mater and thus help more young people through education, showing their role as the architects of the development of their territory. “The Mayor’s Office of Concordia has every intention of contributing to these programs, with resources, with places; in order that our graduates can train professionally and that we all create synergy in order to continue educating and acquiring knowledge.” President Pedro de Jesús Ospino Castro said.

Magdalena Talent in Zapayán

In Zapayán, the rector of the university addressed all those who gathered at the Liceo Zapayán Departmental Educational Institution, emphasizing the importance of future professionals returning to their school to contribute to local progress; not forgetting their roots and all those who saw them born.

“The only thing I ask of the doctors that, thanks to Talento Magdalena, we are going to deliver to the municipality of Zapayán for the first time in the history of the University of Magdalena, is that they return to their town and give back to their family, friends and fellow citizens; everything that they did or desired for you.” Said Rector Vera Salazar. In addition, the construction and adaptation of two smart classrooms to provide distance education was announced.

The new agreement between the University of Magdalena and the Mayor’s Office of the Municipality of Zapayán was signed for a value of $71 million 45 thousand pesos and will allow the coverage of the Talento Magdalena program to be expanded by nine places.

Next stops on the route of Opportunities It will continue its journey through the municipalities of Plato, Nueva Granada, Chibolo, Guamal, Pijiño del Carmen, San Zenón, Ariguaní, Sabanas de San Ángel and El Retén.

What is Magdalena Talent?

The Talento Magdalena program is a strategy of free and regionalized university education, which promotes effective access to higher education for young people from Magdalena who stand out for their academic merit through the assignment of a direct place to students who obtain the first or second best individual score on the Saber 11 tests in the official institutions of the municipalities not certified in education in the department of Magdalena.

In the years 2021 and 2022, thanks to the inter-institutional cooperation between Unimagdalena and 21 Municipalities of the Department of Magdalena, the admission quotas for the Magdalena Talent Program were expanded by increasing the number of young people who entered from the respective targeted official institutions from 2 to 5, benefiting thus to 429 young people from Magdalen.

After six years of operation of the program, the number of beneficiaries has been 2,377 as of February 2024. As of December 2023, the number of graduates of the program in the different academic programs was 74 new professionals.

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