They warn of frosts that will reach -2°C in Santiago this week

The meteorologist also detailed which communes will register these minimum temperatures this Wednesday, June 26 in the capital.

After the passage of front system that affected the central area this weekend, now the ‘famous’ frostswhich are already affecting the southernmost area of ​​our country and also the southern area.

This was indicated by the Channel 13 meteorologist, Gianfranco Marcone, who made an important call to face the low temperatures that are coming. “I’m going to ask you to preparebecause Wednesday of this week is going to be a very cold day in the capital,” he declared.

However, he explained that “that day will not be the coldest so far this fall/winter because for the most part we had colder days but We are also going to mark zero degrees in the center and that clearly indicates that some communes could drop one or even two degrees below zero.”

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This situation is currently being experienced in the south-central part of the country. For example, this Monday Chillán reached -2°C, while Temuco had minimums that reached -2 ​​to -3°C. Los Angeles also between -2 and -3°C. But the extreme south is the one that is experiencing these low temperatures the most. In the case of Puerto Natales it reached almost -10°C today.

“This Monday’s low temperatures range from the Maule region to Magallanes, but in the middle of the week that sub-zero temperature will reach the central area of ​​our country,” Marcone recalled.

Low temperatures (frost) will reach -2°C in the capital

In this sense, Gianfranco Marcone explained that “there will be high pressure and that speaks of air that weighs more, therefore it does not form cloudiness, it leaves the sky devoid of clouds and brings air of polar origin which will mean that on Wednesday we could be close to zero degrees in some sectors of the central zone, Santiago, Los Andes, San Felipe and Rancagua.”

Agency One – Frosts in the Metropolitan Region

He also said that this panorama will be experienced “in the central-southern area with minimum temperatures below zero or at least bordering on zero degrees “mainly in the valleys and pre-mountain sectors.”

In relation to which communes will be the ones that will have temperatures below zero (between -2 and -1°C this Wednesday, Gianfranco Marcone said that the main ones affected by the frost will be: Puene Alto, La Florida, Pirque, Huechuraba, Quilicura, Colina, TilTil and Lampa.

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For her part, Michelle Adam, also a meteorologist for Channel 13, mentioned in Your day that although low temperatures will be recorded, this does not correspond to a polar wave. “In the Metropolitan Region, Valparaíso Region and O’Higgins Region there will not be a polar wave. Only on Wednesday when we are going to have frostand on Thursday we will have slightly higher temperatures again,” he explained.

Likewise, he explained – like Marcone – that “by frost I mean that there will be 0°C for Quinta Normal on Wednesday. And it is most likely that in Tiltil and Colina there will be temperatures below 0°C“.

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