After a week of carrying out a peaceful strike, architect Jenny Carolina Pérez Díaz reached a payment agreement with the Parque de Yopal temporary union, for which she works and which owed her four months of salary.

The agreement took place after her case was aired by the media, who were accompanying her along with the Yopal Person’s Office, several councilors, leaders and curious people, in the company’s camp, located on 30th Street and 12th Street, where Pérez Díaz was installed as a protest measure.

Last Saturday, June 22, the professional reported that after the intermediation of the Personería, Parque Yopal transferred 70 percent of the debt, which ranged between 18 and 19 million. The company promised to pay the remaining balance next Friday, June 28.

“I received a first payment and they have promised to pay the rest next week,” commented the professional. She thanked the support of the Yopal Office, the Municipal Council and the media for making her case visible. She even issued a press release reporting the payment agreement.

Carolina Pérez is part of the payroll of the temporary union, in the execution of the contract for the Caño La Campiña linear park, which has also been the subject of criticism, due to the alleged delay in the work.

Councilor Felipe Becerra drew attention to this issue, emphasizing that the project has been in progress for more than a year and it has not been possible to finish it. In this same sense, several leaders from the neighborhoods surrounding the Parque Yopal camp stated that the progress of the work is barely 30 percent.



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