The Government of Mendoza began the restructuring of the IDR and the IDC to save $2 billion

The Government of Mendoza began the restructuring of the IDR and the IDC to save $2 billion
The Government of Mendoza began the restructuring of the IDR and the IDC to save $2 billion

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Training from the Rural Development Institute for small and medium producers.

Government of Mendoza

“All state agencies and entities are under continuous review. Of all the partners that the IDR had, the only one that supported current expenses were the Government of Mendoza. We are in a very difficult time due to the drop in revenue. and that is when most We must take care that resources are not wasted in an overlap of functions or benefits,” said a voice linked to the realignment process that the Executive is facing.

It will be done shortly a new meeting with all the foundation partners in which the search for new lines to sustain the institute will be analyzed, or what is the path to follow, especially to give certainty to the employees, among whom are 37 people, including technicians and administrative staff.

The State contributed between $1.7 billion and $2 billion annually for the continuity of both foundations.

According to a official statement, It is noted that “for this year, transfers are planned in subsidies that would reach $1,700 million – including the IDITS – resources that more than 95% end up destined for the payment of salaries. In a context of budgetary restriction, it is made essential to achieve efficient use of public resources, originated from the payment of taxes by taxpayers. “This is one more measure that contributes to sustaining and strengthening fiscal balance, one of the management goals of this government.”

And it is detailed that “to advance actions that accompany the productive sectors in a complex context of the national economy, they will be available from the Ministry of Production direct tools to be channeled through business chambers, or representative associations of the various productive activities throughout the province”.

The workers denounced the dissolution of the IDR and dismissals

The workers believe that sooner or later the organism will dissolve and they will be left without their sources of work, although from the Ministry of Production They insist that they still There is no definition about the continuity or not of the structure and for that they have summoned all the founding partners.

However, for the employees the die is cast. The union delegate, Iris Santilli, stated that “They already told us that they are going to fire us. They regret it but it is a decision from above. We don’t have the telegrams yet, but it’s a fact“.

“We are in shock. There are 37 families left on the streets. There are people who have 28 years of contributions, where are they going to go? It is very hard and we want to give visibility to what is happening,” he stressed.

The IDC has its own funds to continue without the contribution of the Government of Mendoza

He Business Development Institute (IDC) It is another of the organizations in which the province will withdraw, but in this case the staff structure is smaller and sources linked to the foundation assured that They have the resources to maintain the operation as it is. Currently, it has 14 employees.

The IDC provides technical advice to merchants and entrepreneurs and throughout the year it offers permanent training in commercial strategies.

As in the IDR, next week the founding partners will meet to analyze the situation and the organization’s accounts.

The Executive Committee is made up of the Productive Development Directorate; the Economic Federation of Mendoza (FEM); UNWhose; Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Professionals and Agriculture of Las Heras; the General San Martin Chamber of Industry and Agriculture; the Commercial Development Institute (IDC), Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of San Rafael; UCIM and the University of Congress.

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