UNAB and UNISANGIL work to establish an alliance with the department of Casanare

A delegation from the department of Casanare, headed by Governor César Ortiz Zorro, visited the Faculty of Health Sciences of the UNAB University and the FOSCAL and FOSCAL International clinics, respectively.

In the photo the members of the Casanare delegation appear with directors from UNAB and UNISANGIL / Photo Luis Fernando Rueda

“There we have great appreciation and affection for the University, we seek to continue making alliances to continue strengthening human capital in our department, we have talked about bilingualism, the possibility of bringing students to train as doctors, the university hospital, of the agroindustrial sector,” said the sectional leader.

The group of visitors, among whom were the Secretary of Health, Tatiana Chávez Duque; the president of the Departmental Assembly, Heider Silva, and the manager of the Orinoquía Regional Hospital, Ángel Andrés Ávila, among others, had the opportunity to see the facilities of the El Bosque campus as well as those of the strategic ally FOSCAL.

Governor Cesar Ortiz visited the simulation laboratories on the El Bosque campus, where the Faculty of Health Sciences operates / Photo Supplied

“We are organizing a work agenda to be able to support this department, we have health projects, it is very important that the development of human talent in Casanare is carried out with the support of the academy, there we have a presence with UNISANGIL, which It has a wonderful headquarters, we want there to be more doctors who graduated from UNAB in Casanare,” said the dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Juan José Rey Serrano.

The visit obeys the purpose stated in the Casanare Development Plan, which is committed to strengthening health and education models in this region of the Colombian Orinoquía. “Both UNAB and UNISANGIL have health programs, 60% of nursing professionals linked to the public care network in this department are graduates of our headquarters in Yopal, that plus the capabilities and trajectory of UNAB in medicine, nursing and psychology as well as medical-surgical specializations, is to see how they are put at the service of that prospecting of the health model that the governor wants,” said Patricia Lequerica Moreno, rector of UNISANGIL.

The rector of the UNAB University, Juan Camilo Montoya Bozzi, received the delegation from the department of Casanare / Photo Diana Parra

The development of this alliance will allow future students access to better educational and practical opportunities in a quality environment, greater continuous training and knowledge about medical and technological innovations for health professionals and, incidentally, improvement in quality of health services for patients in the region.

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