«The tournament is uphill but we are going to put our efforts into it»

When Matias Carrera accepted the challenge of returning to Cipolletti After his good time in Chilean football, he did not imagine this tough present for Albinegro in the Federal Ajust like the fans who never lose the hope of fighting at the top.

Yesterday’s defeat with Santamarina de Tandil in La Visera was a strong blow for a team that had just suffered another setback in the fall against Círculo Deportivo in Nicanor Otamendi that led to the resignation of Gustavo Noto as a coach.

«We were beaten from last week and we had the hope of reversing it. We had achieved a streak of games without losing, with improvements in the game. Otamendi was a tough one and this one is even tougher.«, analyzed Carrera in dialogue with Black river.

«The tournament is uphill but the only way to get it through is putting on the chest and working more »he added.

Regarding the development of the match with Santamarina, the player expressed: «We knew where they could hurt us and we counteracted it. But “We were not good when it came to putting together the game and trying to define.”

The Tandilenses scored the only goal of the afternoon 12 minutes into the second half in a ball that was intended to be a center and hit the far post.

«The goal was from another game, I think he tried to do that but it came out. From then on we did what we could, we tried to get the ball into the area and look for the forwards but we lacked aim,” said Carrera, who played as right steering wheel and not from the side.

Noto’s resignation and what’s coming

According to the departure of Gustavo Noto and his coaching staff, the footballer commented: “It was painful because there was a projecthe brought most of the players on this squad. That a technician leaves means that we were not up to the task“They are always the ones who pay.”

Cipolletti lost margin in the fight for classification and is closer to playing the revalidation in the next phase. «It is complicated but as long as there are mathematical possibilities we are going to go for the classification, we do not consider ourselves dead. We have to improve and rethink many things,” she said.


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