Government: they inspected the Casa de Nariño to look for evidence of polygraph use

Government: they inspected the Casa de Nariño to look for evidence of polygraph use
Government: they inspected the Casa de Nariño to look for evidence of polygraph use

The Military and Police Criminal Prosecutor’s Office carried out, this Monday, June 24, a judicial inspection in the Casa de Nariño to collect evidence in the case of the possible irregular use of the polygraph with Laura Sarabia’s babysitterright-hand man of President Gustavo Petro.

The Judicial Police group of this Prosecutor’s Office carried out the operation to search for “evidentiary material elements and physical evidence“for the investigation against members of the Police for”the practice of a credibility and reliability test -polygraph- to Mrs. Marelbys Mesa Buelvas on January 30, 2023“.

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Its about case that caused Sarabia to resign as Petro’s chief of staff. However, she returned to the government half a year later with even more power, when she was appointed director of the Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic (Dapre).

The case originated from the alleged theft of a briefcase with money and official documents from Sarabia’s apartment in January 2023.

After that complaint, the phone numbers of the nanny and another domestic employee were illegally intercepted by the Police using as a cover an investigation against the criminal gang Clan del Golfo in the department of Chocó, in the northwest of the country.

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Additionally, Meza was interrogated and subjected to polygraph tests at the Casa de Nariño without a court order.

Sarabia has insisted on his innocence, while the Prosecutor’s Office has already charged the head of the Presidential Protection Office, Colonel Carlos Alberto Feria Buitrago, with this case; the head of the Polygraph Office of the Palace Security Studies Group, Captain Elkin Augusto Gómez Gutiérrez; and Mayor Jhon Alexander Sacristán Bohórquez.

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Polygraph Test

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The investigation shows that Feria Buitrago ordered his subordinates to do what was necessary to find money that had been lost from Sarabia’s residence.and allegedly authorized the use of an official van to transport Meza to a building located in front of the Casa de Nariño where the polygraph examination was performed.

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Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the police officers took the woman’s cell phone from her and, after returning it to her when the polygraph test was over, they took it away from her again when she unlocked it. It was returned to him an hour later and, apparently, during that time information was illegally extracted from the teamaccording to that institution.


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