The rains will continue this week in San Luis Potosí

This week it is expected that the rains in the four regions of the state, this according to the forecast of the National Water Comission (Conagua) in San Luis Potosi.

Throughout the week cloudy skies will prevail with rains from punctual to intense of 75 to 150 millimeters (mm) in the four regions of the state, electric shocks and possible fall of electricity are also expected. hail. Likewise, a cool to temperate environment is expected in the morning, during the afternoon, a temperate to warm environment is expected in areas of the state, as well as an easterly wind of 15 to 30 kilometers per hour (km/h) with gusts of 40 to 30 kilometers per hour (km/h). 60 km/h with possible dust devils in areas of the region, as reported by Joel Félix Díaz, local director of

The fall of rain It is forecast mainly for Monday and Tuesday, while intervals of showers are expected for the rest of the week.

Temperatures in Potosí territory will range between a minimum of 16 degrees and a maximum of 29 degrees.

It should be noted that, due to the rains Various tourist sites remain closed to the public such as Puente de Dios, Tambaque, Tamul waterfalls, La Morena pier, among others.


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