Chiarella, firm against insecurity: “Criminals must be exposed”

The mayor of Venado Tuerto, Leonel Chiarella, once again published the name and photo of a person linked to criminal acts in the city. This is Jonatan “Jeringoso” Castillo, who was arrested in the last few hours and was remanded in custody by the Justice Department.

In this framework, the president considered that “criminals must be exposed” and announced that he will continue to expose with images, name and surname those who commit acts of violence and insecurity.

“Jonatan ‘Jeringoso’ Castillo is a dangerous criminal from Venado Tuerto, who has multiple priors for robbery, mostly involving the use of a firearm. The neighbors, mainly in the northern part of the city, especially in neighborhoods such as Villa Casey, Santa, Los Pinos, Los Robles, know who he is because they suffered attacks from this person,” commented Chiarella.

Jonatan Castillo, the “Jeringoso”, was detained in preventive detention.

As he recalled, days ago, when the police managed to arrest Maximiliano Ríos, “El Wacho Maxi” (Chiarella also published his photo on social networks), Castillo was in the same car and was able to escape. “Both had just committed a criminal raid. Fortunately, through the work of the provincial police and the Regional Prosecutor’s Office, led by Horacio Puyrredón, they were able to arrest him,” he noted. And he added: “We also have to highlight the judges’ decision to leave him in prison, because if these criminals are in prison, it means that they are not going to commit crimes.”

The mayor insisted on the importance of “people being able to know the faces of criminals. It is a decision that we have as a government and in particular as mayor, to go fully against crime and drug trafficking, exposing the violent ones who do harm to the city. We are tired of the fact that these criminals have their faces covered, they are protected, they give their initials, when in reality the ones we must protect are the neighbors of these guys,” he concluded.

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And he closed: “When the Justice of Rosario had released Maximiliano Ríos, we told them that this person was going to commit a crime again. Three months later he was detained in a car with ammunition, cash and drugs. The other person who was in that car, Jonatan Castillo, is also detained today and is in preventive detention. “Based on the background and evidence, these people should remain in prison.”

Posts will continue

Mayor Chiarella announced that “we are going to continue with this decision to publish the names and faces of the criminals, because we understand that it is the way, that the neighbors have the right to know who are the people who commit these crimes. Criminals must be exposed.”

At the same time, he said that “I closely follow each of the cases that are processed in the courts and where these people are involved, who even have links and relationships with each other. They are criminals that we have heard about for years, that is why we highlight that they are in prison today, because when they are free, they go out to steal or sell drugs.”


Chiarella acknowledged that we constantly “receive messages, signs, threats, but they will not be able to intimidate us, because the truth is that we are not afraid. We are going to move forward, because it is the responsibility we have and because we are convinced that it is the way.”

In this context, he exclaimed: “No matter how much they want to shoot my house, send bullets to the Municipality or any other act, the only thing it generates is that we redouble the bet and the efforts. “They are not going to stop us or slow us down.”

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Asked about the possibility of having custody, the president responded: “I don’t want custody, I already told the prosecutor (Horacio Puyrredón), the minister (of Security Pablo Cococcioni) and the police authorities, because the security forces must be in the street. Furthermore, I do not consider that being a mayor has a privilege, because when a neighbor steals or reports a crime, they do not take custody of him.”

Take charge

The head of the local government avoided commenting on the position that other political sectors have adopted on this issue: “What matters to us is what we do, which is to take charge of the situation, of the problem we have as a society, from the place we one occupies, I did it when I was a councilor and now as mayor. Since 2015, together with Juan Ignacio Pellegrini, Lisandro Enrico and the entire team, we have been fighting this fight against insecurity and drug trafficking.” And he added: “I cannot expect that a neighbor has to expose themselves and report, nor can I look the other way when someone tells me that a home sells drugs or a drug dealer operates, I report them. Other political spaces decide to look to the side and not get involved, they are decisions.”

In any case, he maintained that to obtain better results “we should all work together, from the different political sectors.”

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