Head of Casa de Nariño spoke about the inspection and interceptions

Head of Casa de Nariño spoke about the inspection and interceptions
Head of Casa de Nariño spoke about the inspection and interceptions

Following the exclusive revelation that magistrates of the Constitutional Court claim to be being illegally intercepted and subjected to monitoring and profiling of their relatives and friends, the authorities have announced an exhaustive investigation.

Details of the meeting on Wednesday, June 19, between the nine members of that high court and the prosecutor Luz Adriana Camargo were made public, in which they gave her what they consider evidence of these interceptions, which supposedly come from intelligence agencies of the same State. Read here: Attention: Marelbys Meza is inspected by polygraph at the Casa de Nariño

Since the weekend, several members compiled the information and a version began to circulate stating that the interceptions, profiling and monitoring would have been ordered from the Casa de Nariño.

It is pointed directly to the Ministry of Communications and Technology, headed by René Guarín, a former M-19 who previously worked in the National Intelligence Directorate (DNI) and who is absolutely trusted by President Gustavo Petro. In fact, he was in charge of technological surveillance issues in the Bogotá mayor’s office during the current president’s administration. Read here: Presidency opened internal investigation into accusations of cheating

The version indicates that an active general accuses René Guarín, who is in charge of the Ministry of Communications and Technology, which has caused an internal investigation in the Casa de Nariño. “That there be internal investigations that are necessary and that the general real assumption appears that claims to have evidence of my participation in those events,” René Guarín declared to El Tiempo. He reiterated that, given the seriousness of the events, it is not acceptable that an anonymous person is pointing this out. “These are very serious facts in which the soldier, who claims to have the rank of general and claims to have this evidence, must appear. I invite you to present them to the country,” he added.

When asked what could be behind the accusations against him, he responded: “One is to be in charge of information systems, where he does the technology part for the Presidency, there is one of the security shielding of the technological platform. , has another where the email accounts are created, we are in charge of updating the Presidency page, we are in charge of the entire issue of technological support for the councils of ministers and any visits that may have to be made from outside for technological support.”

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