Patricio Herman: “They are looking for a pardon for the Hotel Punta Piqueros in Concón”

The president of the Defendamos la Ciudad Foundation, Patricio Herman, reported that the mayor of Concón, Freddy Ramírez, together with the Committee for the Defense of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Viña del Mar, seek to revalidate the old building permit No. 7 of 01/10/2011, issued by the director of Municipal Works (DOM) of Concón to the Inmobiliaria Punta Piqueros SA, an administrative act that was annulled by the Supreme Court at the request of that Committee.

Patricio Herman, President of the Let’s Defend the City Foundation.

Said permit was accepted under the Communal Regulatory Plan (PRC) of Viña del Mar, indicated Herman, “because on that date the Concón commune did not exist and the already completed hotel, located on the rocks of the coastal edge, has 10 floors, leaving “It is clear that the PRC of Concón contemplates for that land a maximum height of seven meters, equivalent to two and a half stories.”

For the purpose sought by the Mayor and the aforementioned citizen committee, “there are already two conciliation hearings with No. 49-2021 filed in the Court of Appeals of Valparaíso” (see hearing record 1 and audience 2), explained, where it can be seen that Inmobiliaria Punta Piqueros SA proposes to the Municipality and the aforementioned citizen committee a new project that “addresses the problems identified in the original project” (sic).

“This conciliation last year was rejected by the Municipal Council of Concón, drawing our attention that now the interveners have omitted to submit it to its knowledge,” said the president of the Foundation.

«Another aspect worth considering, as strange as it is, is that the Pro-Defense Committee of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Viña del Mar, through its lawyer Gabriel Muñoz, was the main questioner of the hotel, who had profuse media intervention and He was the one who filed all the complaints in the courts of law. It follows that the aforementioned lawyer radically modified his opinion on the matter,” Herman added.

Finally, the urban consultant and columnist for Diario La Quinta He pointed out that, from Defendamos la Ciudad, “we call on the Mayor to ask the Municipal Council for his opinion, since he wishes, with the pardon, to preserve the regulations contained in the canceled permit, which differ too much from the current ones, since Failure to do so would mean total absence of transparency in its management.

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