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Dissidents have carried out 20 drone attacks so far in 2024

Dissidents have carried out 20 drone attacks so far in 2024
Dissidents have carried out 20 drone attacks so far in 2024

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The dissidents of the FARC Central General Staff They have carried out 20 drone attacks so far in 2024. Six uniformed officers and four civilians have been victims of this war strategy of illegals.

The alerts for the use of these devices have been on since March 20. That day, during a radio telephone communication, General Helder Giraldo, commander of the Military Forces, alerted the troops about the possibility of an increase in attacks with unmanned ships.

Since then, drones have been seized and videos and interceptions have become known that demonstrate the ability of illegals to launch explosives from the air.

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The drones used by the dissidents are low-cost and can be purchased with just one click on any online market platform.

THE COLOMBIAN had already reported that they resort to DJI mini 4 pro references, a drone that It is purchased on Amazon for 1,159 dollars (4.3 million pesos).

These machines have a flight range of between 30 and 60 minutes. They are loaded with hup to a kilo of explosives (usually spell mortar grenades) and, once they have locked on the target, they release it with a remote control mechanism.

“These attacks are not only against the public force, but also against civil society (…) It is a flagrant violation of International Humanitarian Law“, denounced General Giraldo at a press conference.

The latest attacks

The most recent case occurred on the afternoon of Sunday, June 23, when the Búfalo 1 and Antelope 3 troops, from the Infantry Battalion No. 8 Battle Pichincha, from the Third Brigade fThey were attacked with explosive devices launched from drones. Due to this, three soldiers were injured but not seriously.

In the town of El Plateado – a rural area of ​​Argelia (Cauca) – the other attack with drones by the dissidents of the General Staff was recorded on June 19.

The community was frightened by three explosives that rained down on them from the sky. Four women were injured.

“A bomb fell here, all over the roof. There were five of us, fortunately nothing happened to us, but we are very scared because they are shooting at the town from a hill,” said Jorge Ramos, a resident of El Plateado.

That day, the EMC’s apparent intention was to attack members of the Second Marquetalia. But they missed the target and the explosives fell on the civilian homes.

The Algeria Fire Department reported that among the four injured was a minor. Two homes were burned and two others were damaged.

On the afternoon of June 12, also in El Plateado, a military patrol was attacked with six explosives launched from drones. Others Three uniformed officers were injured by shrapnel.

This war strategy was copied by the illegal war groups supported by Russia and Ukraine in Eastern Europe. It is effective for them because they attack without being detected. In Colombia, six Army personnel and four civilians have already been injured.

“What they are looking for is a new way of attacking troops that allows them to obtain better results without them losing their men in the confrontation. Because, although they have men to respond to military operations, they have no way to confront the power of our Military Forces,” a military researcher had explained to EL COLOMBIANO.

How will the Public Force respond?

The attacks with these explosives date back to April 9 and occurred, mainly, in Cauca. Department that is currently the scene of a total confrontation between that insurgent group and the Military and Police Forces.

“Right now we are in the acquisition of systems against unmanned aircraft to contain these terrorist actions,” General Giraldo announced on June 18.

The Military Forces assured that the resources are now ready to purchase the first batch of signal inhibitors and that these will be distributed strategically in different parts of the country.

“The goal is to be able detect and destroy this type of aircraft that terrorist groups have been carrying with armed drones.”General Giraldo pointed out.

The Military Forces are now preparing – together with a team of experts in unmanned aircraft, aviation and anti-explosives – protocols that will serve to prevent illegal groups from carrying out terrorist actions through the use of drones.

Military intelligence also has knowledge of the use of drones by the ELN guerrilla and the so-called Comuneros del Sur front in Nariño.

Dissidents have used drones since 2020

Little by little, dissidents have incorporated this technology as material for armed confrontation. In July 2020, authorities seized, in the north of Antioquia, a drone that belonged to the extinct dissident leader of the 36th Front of the FARC, Ricardo Abel Ayala Orrego, alias “Cabuyo”. The device had night vision and helped the illegal to control his area of ​​influence.
In May 2023, for example, a video was broadcast in which a dissident from the Carlos Patiño front tested drones and simulated attacks with explosives.

“That goes up, the five pounds goes up, be careful,” said the noted dissident while he tied what looked like packages of rice and sugar to the drone. The irregulars trained and, after several experiments, managed to equip the drones to launch their attacks.

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