Magdalena Civil Defense implements measures due to the effects of La Niña

Magdalena Civil Defense implements measures due to the effects of La Niña
Magdalena Civil Defense implements measures due to the effects of La Niña

Colonel Karlotz Omaña, who currently heads the Civil Defense in the department of Magdalena, has expressed his concern about the potential devastating effects of the La Niña Phenomenon in the region.

Consequently, several preventive measures are being carried out to reduce the risks linked to this climate phenomenon.

Colonel Omaña has emphasized the importance of cleaning canals in the localities of the department as one of the key strategies to prevent flooding.

“Within the risk management process, there is a tool that is used which is risk mitigation,” explained Omaña. «It is one of the activities to mitigate the risk that a disaster may occur or be generated. So yes, those are very important actions carried out by the different authorities and the different entities to generate this risk mitigation.”

Municipal Meetings and Visits

As part of the coordinated efforts, Colonel Omaña has maintained an active agenda of meetings and visits to various municipalities to coordinate actions with local authorities.

«I had a meeting with the risk management coordinator yesterday. We met in my office in order to generate what will be the coordinated work route between the Civil Defense of the municipality of Fundación and the entities of the municipality of Fundación, Planning Office, Government Secretariat and the Risk Management office Ciénaga,” explained Omaña.

Regarding his next commitments, Omaña stated: «I will be at two in the afternoon in Ciénaga in that risk management council and at the same time on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, I will be visiting the organizations and will have a meeting with some authorities in the municipalities of Fundación, Banco Guamal and San Sebastián.»

Preparations in the Banana Zone

«In Zona Bananera we had a Risk Management Council in the month of January, where we generated what the roadmap was going to be to face and address what corresponded to the El Niño Phenomenon that was strongly present at that time and “What was going to be the roadmap for the coming months regarding the Ideam announcements at that time of the possible presentation of the La Niña Phenomenon,” said Omaña.

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