Fermín and Mosquea win Match New York in the Checkers game

Tuto Tavarez

NEW YORK.- The players Miguel Fermín and Bienvenido Mosquea were crowned champions of the Checkers or Board Game Match New York, organized by the Sembrando para el Futuro Foundation, chaired by Miguel López.

Fermín was proclaimed champion in category A, while Mosquea was crowned monarch in category B.

The matches, proclaimed five hands to win three, were held at José Pascual’s Barber Shop at 2224 NYC.

To take first position in the senior category, Fermín beat Evelio Espinal, in three straight hands.

While Bienvenido Mosquea had Rafael Disla, to get on the podium in category B.

At the event witnessed by a huge number of people who packed the premises, $345 was raised, which was distributed among the winners.

The distribution of the proceeds was 10 percent for the Checkers Game Association, 5 percent for the judge and the rest for the winners.

The activity was judged by the well-known journalist Ramón Martínez, who has lived in the United States for several years.

The promoter of the checkers game, Miguel López, highlighted the enthusiasm that existed at the event.

“There were many players who stayed due to lack of space, which indicates the importance of Match New York,” López highlighted.


Miguel Fermín and Bienvenido Mosquea.

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