El Tri offers offers historic concert with translation for the deaf

El Tri offers offers historic concert with translation for the deaf
El Tri offers offers historic concert with translation for the deaf

The Trithe iconic rock band originally from Mexico, has just made history by performing a historic concert with simultaneous translation for the deaf and people with hearing problems, with which they also celebrated the group’s 55 years.

The recital took place this June 22 in the Plaza de César Chávez square in San José, CA., as part of the popular festival Music In The Park.

There the band they lead Alex and Chela Lora presented classics such as “Sad Song”, ‘ADO” and “Everything Comes Wrong” making them reach this community thanks to the company Comcast and the local organization Pro Bono ASL, which was in charge of providing the ASL language interpretation service ( American Sign Language) during the live presentation.

“For us, the fact that our interpreters have been translating the lyrics of El Tri’s songs to the audience, mainly to people with hearing difficulties, is something one hundred percent new that we have never had the opportunity to feel,” Lora tells People in spanish. “It was amazing and the breed really enjoyed it too.”

‘I think the performers enjoyed it and we enjoyed it very much,’ he continues. ‘A magical atmosphere was created that made us feel very comfortable.’

“[Los traductores] they do it with so much enthusiasm [que] “I love it,” he exclaims. beer Lora, wife of the rocker born in Puebla. “Because [lo] they do with the rhythm of the music, with all the euphoria and predence and the feeling [de] what the song is saying, not just [con] the words, but the way of feeling it.

Screengrab Comcast

“It is a great satisfaction for us that Comcast has participated,” concludes Lora. “It was something unforgettable and historic in this performance here in Cesar Chávez Park to celebrate 55 years of Rock And Roll of Mexico to the world, 55 years of El Tri”.

Images from the El Tri concert in Music In The Parksin San José, CA, where Chemical Therapy was also present:


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“Today we are creating history, because for the first time at Music In the Park, for the first time at an El Tri concert and for the first time at Comcast we are bringing performers from the [lenguaje] of American signs to a concert,” he assures Adriana ArvizoSenior Director of Communications at the company People in spanish

“We are the first telecommunications company to offer a service like this,” says the executive. “It is important to serve the entire community, including the deaf community.”

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