End to Millionaire Extortions in Huila

End to Millionaire Extortions in Huila
End to Millionaire Extortions in Huila

Post date: 2024-06-24 14:41:59

The Neiva Metropolitan Police, in collaboration with several security entities, has captured four people for extortion and conspiracy to commit aggravated crimes. The arrests were made in Rivera, Aipe and Villavieja after a search operation

2024-06-24 14:41:59

The Neiva Metropolitan Police at the head of the Gaula Group and the Police Intelligence Section in coordination with the National Army, Colombian Aerospace Force and the Attorney General’s Office, achieved, through a search warrant, the arrest by court order of four people for the crimes of extortion and aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime.

Thus, thanks to rigorous investigative work, the authorities reached the municipalities of Rivera, Aipe and Villavieja, where they managed to capture by court order four members of the criminal structure as follows:

* “La Patacona” financial leader in the north of Huila.

* “La Paisa” logistics and delivery of pamphlets from the illegal armed group

* “Jairo” Logistics and delivery of pamphlets

* “El Negro” logistics and delivery of pamphlets

It should be noted that during the execution of the operation, the seizure of 09 cell phones, 01 laptop, 25 summons pamphlets, peace and safe passages alluding to the criminal structure and 03 extortion payment control books was achieved.

These people moved through Neiva and other areas of the department of Huila such as: Villavieja, Gigante, Garzón and San Agustín, with the purpose of identifying commercial establishments, to whom, through threats, pamphlets and installation of improvised explosive devices, they carried out economic demands.

Thanks to this important articulated work, it was possible to affect the financial arm of this criminal structure, preventing it from carrying out extortion and terrorism actions with economic demands that exceeded 500 million pesos per month.

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