If it rains in Cúcuta through Los Patios it does not clear

If it rains in Cúcuta through Los Patios it does not clear
If it rains in Cúcuta through Los Patios it does not clear

Community leaders of Los Patios complained about the mayor Alexi Valencia for the passivity with which solutions are given to the major problems that the municipality suffers.

Neighborhood leaders refer to the deplorable state in which the road meshwhose maintenance has not reached the neighborhoods for more than five years.

Roads such as diagonal 9 between streets 24 and 25, and avenue 3 between streets 27 and 28 are impassable, said the leaders.

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They related that on the main road that leads to the urban area, in the section that passes through the Comfanorte school There is a return that protrudes over the road and, worst of all, there is no signage that warns of the danger of a collision in that place.

“We are asking the mayor Valencia to be aware of the poor state of the road network, because everything that has been announced has remained just promises, said civic leader Alejandro Toscano.

He indicated that damage to the pavement is present in almost 80 percent of the road meshwhich belies the interest of the municipal administration in wanting to invest in its repair.

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The leaders gave an example of the municipality of The Zuliawhere with the same size and budget it is one of the best road mesh has in the department.

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