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Banco Macro and Lionel Scaloni call for Argentina to think big again

Banco Macro and Lionel Scaloni call for Argentina to think big again
Banco Macro and Lionel Scaloni call for Argentina to think big again

Content made by Banco Macro

The ad starring Lionel Scaloni and Pablo Aimar is a new chapter that the bank began years ago under the message “Think about Macro.” This idea impacted all the communities where Banco Macro is present, in the more than 500 branches throughout the country, and in its collaborators.

“For 2 years, Macro has had a clear and very powerful purpose: Let Argentina think big, think about Macro. And today we once again choose Scaloni to communicate our message, because he represents the values ​​of humility, sacrifice, teamwork, leadership and hope,” explained Gustavo Manriquez, CEO of Banco Macro.

This is about the continuity of the 2023 campaign where the focus was on the fact that Argentina has everything to win. And on this occasion Lionel Scaloni and Pablo Aimar together with Banco Macro take action calling on Argentines to think big.

“Our campaign plays with the exciting moment where the players receive the call they have been waiting for, and fulfills the dream of any Argentine: to be called up by the coach of the Argentine National Team. At Banco Macro we want to call on all Argentines to think big again and go after the objectives they set and achieve them, with the support of the bank,” said Brian Anthony, Transformation Manager of Banco Macro.

María José Daura, Marketing Manager of Banco Macro, added: “We think that there should be no greater emotion for an athlete than being called up to represent his country. What if now it’s your turn? You go out to work every day , that you leave everything to start your business, that you sacrifice everything to grow your business, that you guide those who come behind so that they progress and your team works better every day. That’s why we call you, because we believe that everything we do. “It contributes to being a power as a country, to discovering new talents, to feeling more proud of what we can do in Argentina.”

The campaign is a kick-off to learn about the products, personal accounts, credits, cards, loans and exclusive benefits that are the tools that the banking entity has so that Argentines can go for more. Expand facilities, buy machinery, create new work spaces, everything Argentine talent needs to shine and be able to think big.

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