Forced Sterilizations: Supreme Judge of Chile orders to extend the extradition of Alberto Fujimori

Forced Sterilizations: Supreme Judge of Chile orders to extend the extradition of Alberto Fujimori
Forced Sterilizations: Supreme Judge of Chile orders to extend the extradition of Alberto Fujimori

The forced sterilization case has not yet gone to trial, but this could change on July 5 – IDEHPUCP credit

The supreme judge of Chile, Andrea Muñoz Sánchez, ordered, in the first instance, to extend the extradition of former dictator Alberto Fujimori for the Forced Sterilization Case and for his alleged responsibility in four other crimes. This way,

In January of this year, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of this country was in favor of applying this measure so that he can be tried in Peru.

According to a document that he was able to access Infobae Peru, The judge agreed to increase the extradition under the responsibility of the following assumptions:

  • Aggravated kidnapping and qualified homicide of six members of the Ventocilla family (Ventocilla Case).
  • Serious injuries followed by death to the injury of five women, and serious injuries to more victims (Forced Sterilizations Case).
  • Aggravated kidnapping of Arturo Moreno Alcantara and others (Cabitos Case).
  • Qualified homicide of Nicolás Cruz Sánchez and others (Case of extrajudicial executions during the hostage rescue operation at the Japanese Embassy in Lima).
  • Qualified homicide of Jorge Bardales Rengifo and 39 other people, serious injuries to seven people, (Castro Castro Case).

Supreme Court of Chile extends the extradition of former dictator Alberto Fujimori to Peru for the crime of forced sterilizations. Infobae Peru.

On November 20, 2023, after almost two years of judicial investigation, the new judge in charge of the Forced Sterilizations case, Judge Littman Ramírez Delagado, ordered the file to be elevated to the Criminal Chamber, which would allow it to go to trial.

However, a few days before, the Permanent Constitutional and Social Law Chamber of the Supreme Court notified its sentence that declared the protection of Fujimori’s former Minister of Health, and one of the accused, Alejandro Aguinaga, founded.

The now congressman of the Republic for Fuerza Popular stated that the investigation order had not correctly substantiated the reasons for considering the crime of serious injuries as a “serious violation of human rights.”

The IACHR had already expressed its concern after the ruling of December 7, – Credit: Infobae composition

Therefore, the Permanent Constitutional and Social Law Chamber of the Supreme Court ordered the National Transitory Criminal Supraprovincial Criminal Court issue a new statement.

Then, Judge Littman Ramírez Delgado ordered, through a resolution of March 6 of this year, to adapt the case to the rules of the new Criminal Procedure Code.

The Public Ministry appealed this decision and now on July 5, at 10:05, it will be decided whether to correct the annulled resolution, and finally continue with the accusation and trial stage.

The resolution by Supreme Judge Andrea Muñoz Sánchez also mentions Fujimori’s former Minister of Health, Eduardo Yong Motta, who was recently appointed by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) cas director of Archbishop Loayza Hospital.

Yong Motta was chosen as the new director of the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital despite having an open investigation – credit composition Infobae Perú / Facebook

In recent weeks, the hospital had faced various complaints for poor administrative management and lack of medical supplies. Workers at the establishment even held protests demanding changes and better working conditions.

The head of the Minsa, César Vásquez, He made this decision despite the fact that the case is still pending judicial resolution. In dialogue with this medium, María Ysabel Cedanolawyer of Demus-Study for the Defense of Women’s Rightsstated that this designation represents “absolute disregard” for the rights of victims of forced sterilizations.

Cedano also recalled that both Alberto Fujimori such as his former Ministers of Health, including Yong Motta, along with the current congressman of Popular Force, Alejandro Aguinagaare prosecuted for crimes of serious injuries followed by death in the context of human rights violations.

“There are signs of what will happen when (the amnesty law) is approved. History is going to repeat itself because if Manta and the case of forced sterilizations are left without justice, what is left for the victims of Majaz, Conga, 14 N and the arrests in San Marcos, who are women who have not yet been “They dare to report,” he lamented.

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