On Messi’s birthday, artist from Las Grutas put together an ephemeral painting of his face in the sand

Lidia Rosana Gómez is a plastic artist, born in San Antonio Oeste and today a resident of Las Grutas. A World Cup that Argentina dreamed of winning for everyone and especially for Lionel Messi who deserved the glory as “El D1OS!” achieved it.It was the trigger for a series of interventions on as many walls as would allow it. But the birthday of the captain of the Scaloneta arrived and she, together with the Grutynos group, guardians of ecology, decided to put together a true work of art in the sand to celebrate it.

It was so Lidia Rosana designed the model and left at dawn towards the third slope of the beach to begin the work that took a couple of hours to complete and in another couple of hours disappeared. But the art was captured in videos and photos.

The Rosario’s face was impregnated in the sand with a perfection of details that is impressive as is its size. It had 360 square meters Football passion if there is one, but Lydia Rosana is driven by her love for the light blue and white shirt. The seed of all this was the first match of Qatar 2022 that Argentina lost against Saudi Arabia.

«I wanted to encourage the selection through my art and I started painting a mural of Leo and Diego on the ceiling of my house. That went viral and we started winning games, so I decided to make interventions in each game that the Scaloneta had to play. “After the first one came in front of my house and another one from Julián (Álvarez) and each time things went better for us and this then became like a cabal,” said the artist.

The team was advancing in the group stage but no one wanted to lend their walls for this project. Then, the Grutense turned to ephemeral art. He made a couple of interventions in the arena and didn’t stop from there. Of course, The first was an image of the captain, then another of Julián and so they did not stop until they were consecrated as world champions.

«And now it turns out that there is the Copa América and it’s like that first experience is relived a little more. And since it happened to be Leo’s birthday, the Grutynos and I decided that we had to do something,” Lidia added.

Now he thinks that maybe he shouldn’t break that cabal and will wait for the result of Argentina’s match against Chile tomorrow to see which face he chooses. “We’re going to see what happens, maybe we won’t stop because we’re already We painted a Scaloneta in San Antonio«he added.

The previous one is not so simple

The first step for this type of sand art is to anticipate the movements of the tide and the schedules in which it is produced, all to achieve quality raw material that allows the lines to be defined perfectly. «We look for the days when the low sea is early. Those days we go at 6 and start drawing. In addition, it is being able to have a free and wet beach because when the tide goes out it leaves the sand super smooth to be able to work on it. When it is drier and the sun shines brighter, other textures are generated that do not allow the details to be accurately refined and the image is not as clear,” he explained.

The artist explained that due to the dimensions of the works, she first chooses the design and creates a grid in the sand to capture part by part. But being so close to the ground, sometimes it is a little more complex to draw the lines that “are giants.” «Today with the drone you can receive photographs from above and correct details. But in this case we did it in one “, be sincere. His tools are just rakes of different sizes that are interspersed, depending on what you intend to draw.

Speaking about what art is, Lydia Rosana commented that what moves her most is the environment in which she lives and convinced of the importance of ecology, He found his best way of expression in ephemeral art. «But there is more, since I was a child I was always interested in the work that artists did with sculptures in the sand. When I was older I was able to participate in a meeting of sand sculptors and there I learned the techniques, so for me sand is a blank canvas,” she said.

After tomorrow’s game, the artist is not very clear about what she is going to “print” on the beach, but she is very clear that ““If we have to go out to support the team, we are going to go out with our cabal.”. In the meantime he is working on a new outdoor sculpture project in an area of ​​Las Grutas, of which he prefers not to give details at the moment. By cabal.


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