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“Miranda from Friday to Monday”

During 2016, an event shakes the life of Miranda, a middle-aged literature professor, who in just four days must make many difficult and important decisions about her life. Her job is at risk, she reflects a lot on her past, and her daughters are getting closer to becoming independent. Miranda faces a weekend full of reflections and self-discovery.

“Miranda from Friday to Monday” is an Argentine feature film directed by María Victoria Menis; produced by Habitat 1520 Producciones and Todo Cine SA This film, which had its premiere on June 13, 2024, stars Inés Estévez, Ricardo Merkin, Elvira Oneto, Luciana Grasso, Laura Grandinetti and Diego de Paula.

With a running time of 84 minutes, the film follows four days in Miranda’s life: from the end of her work day on Friday to her confrontation with the school principal on Monday. Although the film covers only this brief period, a series of significant and transformative events occur.

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During this weekend, Miranda rethinks many things about her life, remembering happy and sad moments from her past, and reflecting on her present and future.

The background of the story conveys a powerful feminist message. Importantly, the film is set in 2016, just after the start of the “Not One Less” movement in 2015. This context enriches the narrative, underscoring the relevance and urgency of the gender issues that Miranda faces.

“Miranda from Friday to Monday” is a work that invites reflection, not only on the life of its protagonist, but also on the impact and importance of social movements in everyday life.

You can find information about future screenings at the Gaumont Cinema on its website or at @cine.gaumont (Instagram). The film is also available in different cinemas throughout the country, you can consult @mirandadeviernesalunes (instagram).

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