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They captured ‘Raúl’, alleged leader of ‘Los Triana’

They captured ‘Raúl’, alleged leader of ‘Los Triana’
They captured ‘Raúl’, alleged leader of ‘Los Triana’

12:17 PM

The Medellín authorities dealt a hard blow against crime in the last few hours with the capture of a man known as ‘La R or Raúl’, alleged leader of the organized criminal group ‘Los Triana’.

The capture of this man occurred in the middle of an operation between the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Interpol and the Attorney General’s Office, after several months of investigations and intelligence activities that allowed the location of the alleged ringleader.

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They found him in the middle of four search and raid procedures that were carried out in commune 2, Santa Cruz de Medellín, as well as in Gran Avenida, in the municipality of Bello, north of the Aburrá Valley, with which three others were also captured. men: alias Anderson or El Gordo, who apparently served as second ringleader and was responsible for finances; alias Brackets, alleged zone coordinator; and alias Higuita, who would be a member of the illegal structure.

According to the report delivered by the Metropolitan Police of the Aburrá Valley (Meval), In this operation, several items were also seized, such as seven cell phones, 35 grams of cocaine hydrochloride and almost $29 million in cash.

Regarding alias R or Raúl, the authorities stated that he allegedly directs illegal actions related to crimes such as extortion, theft in different forms, drug trafficking and an illegal monopoly on family basket products in areas of Medellín and Bello.

This man would have a criminal record of at least 20 years and He has served sentences four times in prisons, in the years 2003, 2007, 2009 and 2017 until 2022. At that time, after regaining his freedom, he would have assumed the role of leader after the previous leader in the illegal structure, known as the ‘Burra’ or the ‘Costeño’, was captured.

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For its part, of the others captured, the Police indicated that alias El Gordo would be in charge of coordinating the production of “2CB” in electronic music clubs in Medellín and Bello, but he would also have ordered thefts from motorcycles in the area where ‘Los Triana ‘they have interference. El ‘Gordo’ managed to evade an operation in 2023 that sought his capture, after he escaped through the roofs and terraces of homes in the Santa Cruz neighborhood.

For his part, ‘Brackets’ would have taken over the structure as zone coordinator from December 2023 and He would be in charge of coordinating extortion, theft and drug trafficking in some sectors of communes 1, Popular, and 2, Santa Cruz. Meanwhile, alias Higuita, allegedly, is the trusted man of ‘Anderson’ or ‘Gordo’ to boost thefts in Medellín.

“It was established that motorcycle thefts were only committed with a firearm between 5:00 am and 7:00 am and between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm, documenting 20 events so far,” they indicated. from the Metropolitan Police and also indicated that the motorcycles allegedly stolen by this man were abandoned for a couple of hours to determine that they did not have GPS.

Now, those captured were placed at the disposal of the competent authorities for their respective prosecution and could answer for the crime of aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime.

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