They vandalized the monument of the town doctor

The monument made by the Allense sculptor Leo Avalis, already began to be vandalized, a month after its inauguration. This is the bust that pays tribute to the doctor Isidoro Kantora pediatrician who died recently but left behind Allen an enormous footprint marked by their tireless work at the service of the health of the community.

The monument was inaugurated on May 25, for Allen’s birthday. It was installed in the Plaza de las Infencias, a place chosen by the municipality in order to remember the “town doctor.” For the opening ceremony, the mayor, Marcelo Román, invited Kantor’s wife, Pupe, who arrived in Allen in the company of her son from Buenos Aires, where they currently reside.

The discovery of the bust was a very emotional moment for the residents of Allen. Kantor was not one of the Allens who saw him grow up, after he graduated from the UBA and chose this city in the Upper Valley to practice his profession and start his family. His commitment to health and his enormous vocation to help was returned with the recognition of the population who not only valued his performance as a doctor but also his empathy and his gift as a good neighbor.


Unfortunately, in the last few hours the monument to the town’s doctor was damaged by anonymous hands, by the vandalism that always destroys what belongs to everyone in public spaces. And it was the brother of the sculptor Leo Avalis, Lisando, who warned of the destruction and sent a message on social networks.

“Today I see that they broke the mirror. Please educate, educate your children, to respect and value the work of others. Let them not feel like bosses for breaking or damaging something that they did with a lot of work, dedication. We still need to learn a lot as a society Educate,” the young man launched on his Facebook profile.

The reaction to the vandalism against the monument

Lisando Avalís’s publication garnered a flood of comments due to the breakage of the mirror that represented the stethoscope membrane in the sculpture, hanging over Kantor’s bust. “Very sad, nothing is respected, and unfortunately this is getting worse,” commented one woman. “Sadly, idiots and stones will never end. Don’t be bitter Lisa,” added another neighbor on the social network.


Dr. Isidoro Kantor died on March 14 in Buenos Aires. There he spent the last years of his life with his wife and his family. He never stopped thinking about Allen. In this soil had been left the memories of the best years of his life, his effects, his friends. From time to time, the doctor shortened the distance with messages on social networks and was always aware of Allen’s events.

The people’s recognition of their doctor not only came after his death. During his lifetime, Dr. Kantor had been declared an illustrious citizen by the Deliberative Council for his dedication to the city as a professional, as a neighbor committed to the community.


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