The victim was traveling in a car with a woman and a minor when he was shot

The victim was traveling in a car with a woman and a minor when he was shot
The victim was traveling in a car with a woman and a minor when he was shot

During the night of the past June 23, While hundreds of citizens gathered with their families to celebrate the Colombian Folk Festival, a violent event interrupted the joy in the Vergel neighborhood, leaving a man dead.

According to the authorities, the victim of the attack was traveling in a blue car along with a woman and a minor when he was shot.

Óscar Acosta Bahamón, deputy commander of the Ibagué Metropolitan Police, reported that once they received the report from the citizens, they arrived at the place where they found a blue car that he had been attacked on several occasions with a firearm.


“The authorities reach the Vergel neighborhood where they find a vehicle on the road, a blue car. The Metropolitan Police together with units of the Judicial Police manage the scene of the incident and the entire recovery process begins.information collection”said the deputy commander of the Police.

The man who was driving was identified as Ruben Villarraga, 34-year-old, who at that time was accompanied by a woman and a minor who they were unharmed of the violent event.

Likewise, Villarraga was quickly transferred in a taxi to the Keralty clinic, where He arrived without vital signs due to the severity of his injuries.

The victim had judicial notes

The authorities have revealed that Villarraga had nine judicial notes: five complaints for the crime of fraud, two complaints for ideological falsehood in a public document, one complaint for falsehood and one complaint for violation of another’s room.

The police have begun the relevant investigations by reviewing the security cameras of the area to identify those possibly responsible for the homicide and proceed to arrest them so that they remain at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office.

On the other hand, the authorities know, from the testimony of citizens who witnessed the attack, that The murderers moved by motorcycle.

Ibagué Police give a positive balance during the Colombian Folk Festival

According to the Police there was a 72 percent decrease in the crimes presented during the framework of the Colombian Folk Festival in comparison to the year 2023.

“The Police highlight a reduction of -75% in homicides, -63% in personal injuries and -77% in theft from people,” they explain.

During the festival, a total of 54 catches per different crimes such as: violation of another’s room, reception, theft, personal injuries, drug trafficking, violence against a public servant, domestic violence, homicide, aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime, prisoner escape, sexual acts with a minor under 14 years of age.



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