Carabineros from the GOPE Aysén rescued a family isolated by snow in the Lago Frío sector

Carabineros from the GOPE Aysén rescued a family isolated by snow in the Lago Frío sector
Carabineros from the GOPE Aysén rescued a family isolated by snow in the Lago Frío sector

Under temperatures below zero, with a snow depth above the knee, the specialized personnel managed to make their way, being able to rescue the family group, who were extracted safe and sound.
Coyhaique.- After hard work with temperatures below zero and after making their way through a road and a path covered by about 50 cm of snow, Carabineros from the Aysén Special Police Operations Group (GOPE) rescued a woman safe and sound. family (made up of three members), who as a result of the intense snowfall were isolated in their home in the rural sector of Lago Frío.
A call for help from a young man, who managed to link up with an amateur radio, allowed said request to be transmitted to the Carabineros, and a specialized GOPE Aysén patrol was sent to the scene.
Equipped with equipment, the specialized personnel managed to make their way to a certain point on route X-659, and then continue on foot, in an area where the snow exceeded knee height.
“We were able to reach that sector that was with a lot of snow. The machine still did not pass, so we made our way with the truck and happily managed to reach this place in the Valle Hermoso sector, where this family was in a cabin and isolated by the large amount of snow in the place. They had run out of food, they had to be taken out at that moment,” said Petty Officer José Muñoz in charge of the GOPE patrol.

Carabineros managed to reach the home, verifying the health status of the family group, who expressed their concern for a daughter with a special condition.
“We took the actions related to the case, we told them that we would remove them from the place, we gave them time to get warm, to have a coffee or hot milk, we treated them in a very good way and we gave them the reasonable time so that they were in conditions,” added the Non-Commissioned Officer.
The GOPE team came with thermal clothing, gloves, gaiters for the family group, and a sled was also transferred to the place to transport the young woman more comfortably and safely and thus avoid a situation that could be traumatic, who was finally able to walk out from the place.
“We then took advantage of the sleigh to transport her belongings (…). We left this cabin with this girl’s mother and her brother, we walked to the truck and managed to get there without any problem, we boarded and left the place to the El Fraile intersection, where a police car from the El Blanco Retainer was waiting for us, this family being delivered without incident, to continue with the rigorous procedure,” said Petty Officer José Muñoz, indicating that later they continued with the development of protocols aimed at verifying injuries, corroborating their physical conditions and state of health.


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