They capture four alleged FARC dissidents who were extorting in Huila

Through several search procedures that took place in the municipalities of Aipe, Villavieja and Rivera, in Huila, the Gaula Military groups, the Police and the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office, with the support of the Air Force, They captured four alleged members of the support network of the ‘Darío Gutiérrez’ front of the FARC in Huila.

Among the four captured is alias ‘Patacona’ who, according to authorities, was obeying orders from alias ‘Jhonny Vásquez’, second leader of the Jorge Suárez Briceño structure, recently captured in a military operation in Guayabal, San Vicente del Caguán, Caquetá.

Within the investigations, alias ‘Patacona’ recorded in an agenda the names of the companies and merchants who were victims of that illegal armed organization and managed to collect up to 500 million monthly of pesos as a result of extortionate demands.

“In these operations, we highlight the capture of alias ‘Patacona’. These four criminals intimidated the victims through extortion calls, delivering summons pamphlets to merchants, ranchers and coffee growers in Huila, managing to collect up to 500 million pesos from the extortion demands. This is another hard blow that we dealt to the support network of the ‘Darío Gutiérrez’ front of the FARC dissidents,” said Colonel Henrry Herrera, commander of the Ninth Brigade of the National Army.

For its part, The commander of the Huila Police, Colonel Carlos Eduardo Téllez, confirmed that with the dismantling of this structure at the service of dissidents, another blow has been dealt against extortion that had whipped the productive unions of the department.

“Some of the municipalities of Huila affected by these criminals were: Neiva, Gigante, San Agustín, Garzón and Villavieja. The productive sector of this last municipality suffered for several months the agony of these criminals who today are behind bars,” said Colonel Téllez of the Police.

During search and seizure proceedings, Three communication radios, cell phones, a laptop, summons pamphlets, and illegal peace and security were seized. alluding to the structure and control books of extortion payments.

It is worth mentioning that The previous week, in a military operation by soldiers of the Ninth Brigade, alias ‘Jhonny Vásquez’, second head of finances of the structure, were captured in the inspection of Guayabal, Caquetá, on the border with Huila. ‘Jorge Suárez Briceño’ and alias ‘Chispeado’.

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