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The Cooperativa de Motoristas del Huila y Caquetá Limitada, Coomotor, is a Colombian land transportation company, which was born on September 26, 1960 and obtained its legal status on March 24, 1961 with fifty associates; This happened at the initiative of eleven people at that time. There was a rebellion among taxi drivers who promoted the founding of one of the first cooperatives dedicated to transportation. Some proposed organizing themselves into a union and others into a cooperative for the marketing and consumption of vehicle products, in which they finally agreed to create a transportation cooperative. , which today is Coomotor.

As Coomotor is a national land transportation company for passengers and parcels, it continually grows to contribute to the sustainable development of the country and improve the standard of living of its clients, associates, collaborators, suppliers and their families.

Currently they have a vehicle fleet of 700 units including buses, minibuses, minibuses, mixed vehicles, vans and trucks, offering their services in more than 80 points of sale nationwide, located in the 12 territories where we operate our routes and schedules.

Service and coverage

They have services such as Navette, Navette XL, Navette G7 and Navette G7 New duly certified in ISO-9001:2015, where they also offer their parcel services, logistics solutions for shipments and document and parcel management. They have vehicles for the provision of special automotive land transportation services and their industrial marketing and retail distribution of fuels. On the other hand, they have a business line dedicated to the supply of lubricants, greases, tires, spare parts, supplies and complementary services for the automotive land transportation sector in the city of Neiva.

Values ​​that last

During the 63 blue years, the Coomotor Group has managed to offer a high quality service to Colombians, where its collaborators constantly highlight the passion for serving, the commitment of the entire human component in the organization and customer satisfaction. The loyalty of collaborators who always respect inside and outside the company, to contribute to the improvement of its institutional image and the competitiveness that is essential to remain in the market and be the most important in the transportation sector at the national level.

Generating positive change in the community

They cover a wide spectrum of responsibilities and opportunities to generate positive change in society, implementing innovation, seeking solutions to social and environmental challenges through technology, research and development through their economic activities, responsible practices. , friendly to the environment.

COOMOTOR 63 years 'blue', its best company 11 June 24, 2024COOMOTOR 63 years 'blue', his best company 11 June 24, 2024

They celebrate their triumphs

Coomotor was a pioneer in the department of Huila by bringing ISUZU 580 buses with injected bodywork and air conditioning, which was conceived only for offices and residences at the time. On the other hand, it was in 1989, with Mr. Miguel Collazos Solano as Manager, that the Halcón Esmeralda line service was created, with great impact and reception, given that these buses were equipped with panoramic bodies (Olimpica Star, Cox 2000, Súper Halcón and Almirante), which included betamax, chairs with greater recline and a bathroom. Also noteworthy is the incursion in 2012 of the Navette XL vehicles, the first double-decker buses that circulated in Colombia and that contributed to the transformations that the company has made over the years and that has allowed them to generate 1,500 jobs. direct and more than 3000 indirect. Regarding its concern for the environment, Coomotor has installed 348 solar panels in the administrative center, which produce 189.66 kwp, stopping emitting more than 150 tons of CO2 and saving more than 19 thousand liters of water per year.

25 years of leadership and commitment

In April 1999, Dr. Armando Cuellar Arteaga was appointed liquidating attorney – in the midst of a crisis that pointed towards the liquidation of the entire company – who projected a comprehensive and successful strategy to recover the organization in its entirety. With giant steps he has carried out various efforts, being a social and environmental leader and recognized for his managerial performance in the transportation sector.

COOMOTOR 63 years 'blue', his best company 12 June 24, 2024COOMOTOR 63 years 'blue', his best company 12 June 24, 2024

Dr. Armando Cuellar Arteaga, Coomotor Group manager.

Armando Cuellar Arteaga is a property manager of different companies and Terrapuertos, he is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Huila Chamber of Commerce, a prominent political leader of Human Colombia and the Historical Pact. He belonged to the transport union from a very young age, developing his knowledge in the organization since 1984, before taking management, joining the organization by driving an urban vehicle belonging to his father, Mr. Clímaco Arteaga. During 25 years of experience he has become one of the most representative leaders of the south west and center of the country, he is an outstanding union visionary who projects the consolidation of a robust business holding with a presence in the Colombian territory, developed at the same time as road infrastructure and international connection with neighboring countries in other efforts.

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