What facilitated the escape of the dangerous criminal alias ‘Farándula’ from the Prosecutor’s Office bunker in Bucaramanga?

Jairo Alexander Jaimes Moyano, alias ‘Farándula’, escaped last Saturday from the Prosecutor’s Office facilities in Bucaramanga. Prison overcrowding, according to experts, would have influenced these events.

The escape carried out by Jairo Alexander Jaimes Moyano, known by the alias ‘Farándula’, from the facilities of the Bucaramanga Prosecutor’s Office revealed the fragility of this temporary detention center.

Sources consulted by Vanguardia affirm that in this type of facilities criminals who have intramural security measures should not be kept, and even more so if they represent a high level of danger.

Hernando Mantilla Medina, defender of prison rights in Santander, pointed out that this escape is also a product of the prison overcrowding that exists both in the bunkers of the Prosecutor’s Office and in the Police stations.

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“This is one of the negative effects of so much overcrowding in those places, meanwhile nothing is done. It was said at the beginning of the previous week that 400 inmates were going to be taken from stations to prisons, because administrative agreements had already been signed by the Mayor’s Office and that has not happened,” said the defender.

A source from the Prosecutor’s Office, who requested that his identity be reserved, indicated that although there were failures on the part of the institution in the surveillance of this inmate, there were also administrative omissions by other State entities that, in one way or another, contributed on the run

“This person who escaped had been captured more than two months ago for a homicide, he had an intramural security measure and Inpec had not taken him to jail. In the bunker, there are neither resources nor sufficient human personnel to guard all the inmates; In fact, he is usually the one person who does this task,” he specified.

Mantilla Medina added that due to the level of danger alias ‘Farándula’ should have been transferred to a prison.

“This person is accused of the murder of Ronald Mantilla that occurred in the Trinidad neighborhood of Floridablanca. He had fled to the United States, but returned and was captured. In addition to that crime, he has a record of personal injury, drug trafficking, possession of weapons, conspiracy to commit a crime, qualified and aggravated robbery and the possibility of two other homicides being reported. Definitely alias ‘Farándula’ is a highly dangerous person,” he concluded.

This is how overcrowding goes

Until June 15, the stations in the Bucaramanga metropolitan area registered an average of 663% overcrowding. The prison capacity is for 82 inmates and it is recorded that there were 664 detainees.

The most critical stations are North with 1,420%, Center with 842%, Girón with 620%, Piedecuesta with 500% and South with 425% of overcrowding.

The escape

Jairo Alexander Jaimes Moyano, 35 years old, escaped from the facilities of the Attorney General’s Office of the Santander Section, located on Carrera 19 and Calle 24 in the Alarcón neighborhood of Bucaramanga, around 3:00 pm on Saturday, June 22 .

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The authorities have not released further details of this escape, which is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office, to establish whether or not there was responsibility on the part of the custodians.

‘Farándula’ was arrested on April 18, for allegedly being involved in the murder of Ronald Johan Gustavo Mantilla.

These events occurred on December 25, 2023, on 108th Street and 45th Street in the Campanazo sector, in Floridablanca, when the victim, a 25-year-old resident, was shot in the buttock and later died in a medical center.

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