Ministry of Justice and Government of Nariño promote strengthening of Houses of Justice

In an effort to strengthen access to justice in the Department of Nariño, Constanza García Figueroa, director of Formal and Jurisdictional Justice of the Ministry of Justice and Law, announced during her visit to the department, a specific strategy for Nariño with three main focuses: drug policy, the penitentiary system and equitable access to justice.

The Government of Nariño and the Ministry of Justice and Law are currently developing articulated work to implement and strengthen the Houses of Justice in the different municipalities of Nariño, spaces that not only act as conflict resolution centers, especially gender-based violence. , but also play a fundamental role as guarantors of effective law enforcement in local communities. García Figueroa emphasized that these institutions must become pillars of reference for the application of justice from the municipal bases, highlighting their importance in a department like Nariño, where there are significant challenges of conflict.

An early victory in this work articulated with the Ministry of Justice and Law is the declaration of the Municipality of Sandoná as the first “Protective Environment” in Nariño, which consists of this municipality not only being accompanied by the institutions providing the services to justice, but also has an active community committed to the eradication of violence in all its manifestations.

The signing of the agreement of wills and the declaration of Sandoná as a protective environment will take place in the coming days between Governor Luis Alfonso Escobar and the Minister of Justice and Law, Néstor Osuna Patiño.

Source and photo: Government of Nariño


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