San José del Cabo estuary has 200 more trees – El Sudcaliforniano

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- 16 hectares of the well-known mosque area in the Estero San José del Cabo State Reserve were rehabilitated. Strategically, 200 trees were planted in the rehabilitated areas, among which the following stand out: palm, mesquite, palo verde and palo blanco.

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These conservation actions of the core area, which corresponded to the first stage of reforestation, were headed by the General Directorate of Ecology and Environment headed by Raúl Verdugo.

The activity was organized by the head of the Municipal Coordination of the reserve, Carlos Ruiz Botello. In addition, one of the invasive plants found in the Ecological Reserve was removed, which is the mantle of the Virgin and whose function is to become entangled, blocking the passage of light and nutrients that are naturally given to other species of flora.

These tasks were joined by members of SOS Estero, an organized civil society, as well as the heads of the municipal agencies of the Municipal Directorate of Natural Resources and Wildlife, Municipal Coordination of Forest Resources, Municipal Program for the Protection of Sea Turtles and the Municipal Coordination of the POEL.

Finally, the general director of Ecology and Environment, Raúl Verdugo Montaño, in his speech, announced the mechanisms and strategies that are being implemented in the protected natural area.

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Likewise, he thanked those present for their willingness to be part of the government’s actions, leaving open the invitation to continue supporting the following calls for rehabilitation and reforestation that will be announced through the various media in the following days.

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