Brigades to recover public space announced in the Center of Bucaramanga

The day will be led by the Local Secretariat of the Interior, together with the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police, the Transit Directorate and the Coexistence Managers, among other inspectors.

Invasion of public space.

The Secretary of the Interior of Bucaramanga announced that it will redouble operations to recover public space on streets 33 and 35, between streets 15 and 18.

The idea is to improve citizen mobility, reduce levels of insecurity and relocate informal vendors to designated areas.

The warning was made by the mayor of Bucaramanga himself, Jaime Andrés Beltrán Martínez, while calling on citizens to respect these public spaces: “34th Street has always been fundamental for the vehicular flow and harmony in the center of Bucaramanga. the city”.

The Paseo del Comercio, located on 35th Street, is another street that is invaded by informals.

For his part, the Secretary of the Interior Colonel (r) Gildardo Rayo reported that these efforts will be carried out every day, with socialization and intervention activities in the Central Plaza and its surroundings, between streets 33, 34 and 35, as well as from race 15 to race 18.

“The primary objective is to regularize the situation of street vendors and free up the roads that belong to public space,” said Colonel Rayo Rincón.

And he added: “The clearing of illegally occupied areas will include the relocation of those who carry out informal activities. To this end, various programs are being worked on where first the characterization and second the regularization of these street vendors is being carried out.”

This initiative is carried out in coordination with the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police, Mebuc, the Transit Directorate and the Coexistence and Public Space Managers.


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