Santa Cruz will host the 42nd Convention of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers

From June 25 to 27, the Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers Exhibition, Conference and Convention in the city of Santa Cruz. For three days, more than 80 countries will participate in the event, exchanging knowledge about the entire process for the production of corrugated cardboard boxes.

The representatives of the different countries took a tour of the Empacar factories. This way, Empacar opened its doors to those participating in the Convention and International Exhibition of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers of Latin America and the Caribbean that will take place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for 3 days.

“We are very happy as Empacar, it was very important to have promoted and brought this convention to Santa Cruz, to Bolivia, because it is an important event for the entire corrugated cardboard sector “We are leading the market in Bolivia,” said Oscar Gamarra, manager of the Empacar Corrugated Cardboard Division.

During the tour of Empacar, the process carried out in the plant was shown, from the recycling, the transformation to raw material and how it is transformed this raw material in new boxes and bottles, demonstrating how business can be done with the circular economy.

Visitors were able to tour all the facilities at the Empacar plant.

Andrea Mora, Executive Director of ACCCSA, assured that holding the convention in Santa Cruz was a plan that had been developing for years. “It was a plan that we had years ago, to be able to hold this main event in Bolivia and to be able to bring it and share the whole experience. We are the association that brings together all the companies that make cardboard boxes in Latin America, Central and Caribbean and we are very proud and very grateful for the service they have given us in Bolivia,” said Mora.

There are more than 80 countries participating in this event. “For me the convention (…) has been growing, it has transformed from a meeting of friends to an authentic organization that each year, in different countries, brings the corrugated cardboard industry, in Latin American countries and even Mexico (…) participates also many people from North America, Europe. It is an institution that every year, when it is held, people from different countries participate,” said Augusto Cavallini, vice president Harper Love, who considered that it should be carried out in different countries.

Meanwhile, the manager of Empacar, Carlos Cleans, assured that Empacar is proud and happy to receive the delegations in Bolivia.

“For those who are in Bolivia and Santa Cruz for the first time, I am sure they will love it and we will be helping the entire organization, which is very well led by the entire ACCCSA team, so that we have an excellent convention and that really the Networking ties that have made this community stronger, with the more than 43 years that ACCCSA has, which make it unique, an association worthy of imitation and that is a reference not only at the Latin American level, but at a global level,” indicated the Empacar manager.

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