Unter Congress: the majority of the sections will go for a new teaching strike in Río Negro

With several motions in favor of the strike, Unter decides today in Villa Regina how to continue with the fight plan that began almost two weeks ago due to the lack of a salary agreement with the provincial government.
lThe conflict escalated last week with the statements of Governor Alberto Weretilneck who announced discounts for the days of strike.

It also had an online system to control the attendance of teachers due to the force measure last Wednesday.

The trend in the assemblies that took place yesterday tips the balance towards new force measures between 48 and 72 hours of strike. This is what will be discussed in the Extraordinary Congress established by the teaching union. It will be in Villa Regina and will start at 9.

One of the first sections to speak out was Cipolletti, which proposed prolonging the strike before the end of the first half of the year. The proposal is a strike of 48 hours the first week and 72 hours the next.

It also proposes not starting classes after the winter break if there is no salary agreement. In others Important towns such as Roca and Bariloche would also arrive with the strike proposal in the face of last week’s frustrated negotiation.

Other sections of the province will demand the “urgent” call to joint ventures and the inclusion of sums of between 20 thousand and 30 thousand pesos to the basic one.

Unter described the latest offer by the Executive Branch to incorporate increases in non-remunerative fixed sums for agents as a “regression.” A new call from the government is expected to discuss salaries, but so far the call has not materialized.

From the union headquarters they had confirmed today’s Congress regardless of the province’s position. Without the call, the possibility of deepening the fighting plan grows.


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