The Ministry of Security received almost 500 calls on line 134 related to Loan’s disappearance

The Ministry of Security received almost 500 calls on line 134 related to Loan’s disappearance
The Ministry of Security received almost 500 calls on line 134 related to Loan’s disappearance

More than a hundred agents from different areas of the Ministry of Security are dedicated to the Loan Peña case

After 11 days since the disappearance of Loan Danilo Peñafrom the Ministry of National Security reported that They received 483 complaints on line 134, all of them with verification of PFA in the country and communicated to the intervening prosecutor’s office. In addition, the Ministry headed by Patricia Bullrich provided chronological details this Monday about what has happened so far and how the corresponding investigation continues to find the minor.

To find the 5 year old boy, The Ministry of Security called more than 300 troops between Federal Forces and Volunteer Firefighters of the Argentine Republic (through the Undersecretary of Civil Protection of the Ministry) to participate in the search for Loan. In addition, they requested more than a hundred agents from different areas of the portfolio run by Bullrich, who are focused on the case.

An Interforce and Interministerial Table was also formed to provide support in the Systematization of Information, Analysis of Communications and deployment of operational resources, indicated from the portfolio. In the same sense, experts from various areas of research were sent to the province. Federal Forces (Anti-kidnapping, Trafficking, Cybercrime).

In this regard, they highlighted that from the Federal Search System for Missing and Lost Persons (SIFEBU) They were notified of the case on Friday, June 14 at 10 a.m.. From there, they immediately contacted the prosecutor in the case, Juan Carlos Castilloto make available all the resources of the Ministry of Security and the Federal Forces in the search for the boy.

A reward of 5 million pesos was offered for anyone who could provide information about the minor.

Likewise, the Sofia Alert, the emergency program in cases of missing children or adolescents who may be in serious danger. The prosecutor requested it by letter and it was put into practice at 2:24 p.m. An activation table was also held between SIFEBU, the Office of the Prosecutor for Human Trafficking and Exploitation (PROTEX) and the Undersecretary of Family Policies (SENNAF). The following participated in the dissemination of this fact: ENACOM, National Transport Regulation Commission, National Ombudsman’s Office, Red Solidaria, Missing Children, Official Gazette of the Nation and Committee to Fight Trafficking, among other organizations.

After having established the line 134 channel for communication, INTERPOL and Migration were alerted. In turn, a delegation from the Ministry of Security was in Currents on Saturday the 15th. Ximena Albornoz, director of Investigations against Human Trafficking and Crimes against Sexual Integrity, and experts from SIFEBU were present. However, despite requesting it, access to police or judicial proceedings was not obtained.

Two days later, on Monday the 17th A reward of 5 million pesos was offered to anyone who could provide information about Loan Peña’s whereabouts, based on the request of Patricia Bullrich herself. In the same sense, intervention was given to the Tripartite Command in the Triple Border and to Uruguay.

In Goya they marched for the appearance of Loan alive

Likewise, a special investigation team of the Federal Forces in Corrientes and a coordination team of the headquarters in Buenos Aires were formed, preparing all available resources for expertise and investigations.

Five of the six detainees were charged with crime of recruitment of people for exploitation purposes aggravated by the victim being under 18 years of age. Antonio Benítez, Loan’s uncle; Mónica del Carmen Millapi and Daniel “Fierrito” Ramírez, a couple who are friends of Benítez, are listed as primary participants. Meanwhile, Carlos Pérez, a retired ship captain, and his wife, the former municipal official, María Victoria Caillava, are identified as material co-authors.

The situation of those detained for the disappearance of Loan

Meanwhile, the commissioner Walter Maciel He was charged with concealment due to royal favor, qualified by the seriousness of the preceding crime and the author’s status as a public official. They believe that he “planted” evidence during the searches, among other suspicious behaviors that he would have had at the beginning of the case.

The prosecution maintains that there is sufficient evidence against the new detainees such as: the result of what the dogs sniffed in two of the couple’s vehicles and that Loan never left the land where his grandmother’s house is located.

As a result of the new qualification, the Guarantee Judge Darío Ortíz decided the provincial incompetence in favor of the Federal Justice. Now, the response from that jurisdiction is awaited. Ortíz also granted the request for preventive detention without a deadline for the last three detainees: Pérez, Caivalla and Maciel.

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