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the Justice of Corrientes, between unusual excuses, blame for the police and the hypothesis of the brain behind a plan

the Justice of Corrientes, between unusual excuses, blame for the police and the hypothesis of the brain behind a plan
the Justice of Corrientes, between unusual excuses, blame for the police and the hypothesis of the brain behind a plan

Prosecutors Guillermo Barry and Juan Carlos Castillo revealed that the investigations carried out on hijacked cell phones To the six prosecuted for the disappearance of Loan Danilo Peña on June 13 in 9 de Julio, Corrientes, data emerges that may be key to solving the incident. And The boy was taken from the Algarrobal area in the truck of retired ship captain Carlos Pérez, and then transferred in the Ford Ka that his partner, former community official María Victoria Caillava, used to use.

“The orodography test that was carried out on Pérez and Caillava’s vehicles, which tested positive, is significant,” said Barry, from the Corrientes Public Ministry.

And, at the press conference this Monday, he explained that the dogs detected with their sense of smell Loan’s presence “100 percent in the Ford Ka” and to a lesser extent in the truck. He explained that “this is related to the time that Loan remained in the truck, which was the vehicle with which the accused Pérez and Caillava went to the grandmother’s house that day. And to a greater extent in the Ka because he was in a vehicle in which he was later transferred to the boy since July 9 to a still unknown place.

As for the accused, they detailed that the former captain of the Argentine Navy Carlos Guido Pérez and his partner, the municipal official of 9 de Julio María Victoria Caillava, are prosecuted as material co-authors for the crime of “attracting people for purposes of aggravated exploitation for being the victim minor of 18 years”.

For uncle Bernardino Antonio Benítez and his partner friend Daniel Oscar “Fierrito” Ramírez and Mónica del Carmen Millapi, “it constitutes the crime of recruiting people for the purpose of exploitation aggravated by the victim being under 18 years of age” as primary participants“.

Carlos Pérez, the sailor arrested for the Loan case, the “brain” of a plan for the prosecutors who leave the case.

Former commissioner Walter Adrián Maciel is charged with the crime of “concealment by royal favor qualified by the seriousness of the preceding crime and the quality of the author’s public official.” The accusations were made on Monday morning and at noon it was decided refer the case to the Federal Justice.

Excuses from prosecutors and blame for the police

Prosecutor Castillo He tried to show a thorough investigation but could not explain why in the hours after Loan’s disappearance and already being present at the boy’s grandmother’s house, did not provide for the preservation of the place and the immediate seizure of the vehicles and phones of the people who participated in the lunch.

He made the excuse that he had to work in a place with very little signal cell phone and that also complicated their work. However, he highlighted that the Sofia Alert protocol was immediately activated and He blamed the security forces for not having blocked routes and streets to prevent the boy from being taken from 9 de Julio.

“Nothing was left undone,” he said. Castlewho was in charge of the investigation of the case the first eight daysa period in which he insisted on the hypothesis that Loan got lost when he got away from the adults and five other boys with whom he had gone to look for oranges on a property that is about 500 meters from his grandmother’s house. On the ninth day, Guillermo Barry joined the case and it was then that the hypothesis of a kidnapping for exploitation purposes was again worked on.

Prosecutors did not rule out that the main roles have corresponded to the former sailor and his partner. “I agree with his analysis,” Barry told a journalist who asked him if Pérez was the brain of the fact and that his partner has used his political ties to carry out the kidnapping of the boy.

For his part, Barry said that the reconstruction that they carried out with the children and then the adults that they were with Loan was illuminating. She maintained that at that moment it became clear that the only path there was the one that led to her grandmother’s house, where her father and other people shared the house. after-meal on Saint Anthony’s day.

“To the left there is a fence, in a straight line a mountain. That is why we conclude that could hardly have taken another path. And if he had done it, a boy of that age starts to cry, scream, retraces his steps,” he reflected.

Another element that was taken into account was that the 25 dogs tracking devices that were brought to the site, were always kept between grandmother’s house and the mountains surrounding the orange grove. “If someone had left there, someone should have detected it and that didn’t happen,” she said.

For Barry, Loan’s slipper that appeared almost 3 kilometers away was planted and awarded the maneuver to the commissioner of July 9, Walter Maciel, another of the detainees. In that sense, he argued that “the dogs detected the smell of Loan on the shoe, but then they did not take any trace.”

After declare themselves incompetent to continue investigating Since this is a federal crime, prosecutors said they will continue to collaborate with the federal judge in Goya, who on Tuesday will take contact with the file and the evidence that has already been incorporated. “They were already investigating with Protex, so they are facing a case that is not strange to them”they said.

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