“In Argentina Caputo’s ideas govern, not Milei’s” | Presentation of the book “OUT! The place of education and science in anarcho-capitalism”

“In Argentina Caputo’s ideas govern, not Milei’s” | Presentation of the book “OUT! The place of education and science in anarcho-capitalism”
“In Argentina Caputo’s ideas govern, not Milei’s” | Presentation of the book “OUT! The place of education and science in anarcho-capitalism”

The governor Axel Kicillof He once again called for the defense of public education and assured that “The majority of Buenos Aires secondary students want to continue studying.” In the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), He also reviewed the policies that his administration is carrying out to alleviate the national lack of financing, which, among other things, contemplates the progress of work to complete the infrastructure works that the national government decided to discontinue within the framework of its fiscal savings plan. According to the provincial leader, this idea is orchestrated by the Minister of EconomyLuis Caputo.

Kicillof, who was one of the protagonists of the marches against budget cuts to universities, participated this Monday in the book presentation “OUTSIDE! “The place of education and science in anarcho-capitalism”a compilation by Daniel Filmus which brings together “analysis and reflections on the situation of education and science in Argentina, within the framework of the advance of the right” represented by the libertarian management of Javier Milei.

It is a “complete analysis that allows us to address with information and seriousness fundamental issues for our society that today are under direct attack,” highlighted the provincial leader who was accompanied by the dean and vice-dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UBA, Ricardo Manetti and Graciela Morgade; and the president of the National Interuniversity Council, Victor Morinigo.

“Ideas that do not even apply in Austria”

In the Puan headquartersKicillof assured that “You don’t have to be Austrian to understand that, if everything were subject to the logic of the market, all possibilities for development and greater equality in Argentina would be destroyed” and added that “the Austrian school, in theoretical terms, is absolutely marginal and anachronistic”.

The governor brought out his knowledge of economic theory and provided details about the model with which President Milei claims to be aligned and explained the scope of the doctrine assumed as his own by the entire libertarian administration. “These are ideas that were not applied anywhere, not even in Austria”assured Kicillof, who also stated that these ideas are not the ones that mark the pulse of national management either.

“In Argentina Caputo’s ideas govern, not Milei’s”he assured and then added that “the country’s setbacks are always associated with neoliberal policies.”

That reading was shared by Filmus who, in dialogue with Buenos Aires/12, assured that Argentina has already “had other neoliberal governments, with adjustment recipes.” And he added: “What is happening now is that this is not a mere adjustment, it is something else, it is a policy of destruction of the public education and science system”.

For Kicillof, there are very few people in the world who “they study or take themselves seriously” the ideas that Milei defends whose consequences, he assured, have “destructive” and “they will leave very great damage” for the country.

The book

The book, which brings together articles by twelve specialists with the aim of warning about the national government’s policies in the fields of education and science, “is an initiative that arose as soon as the original text of the basic law was released.”

“We wanted to explain what the Milei government’s policy is regarding education, science and technology”described Filmus, the former Minister of Education, Science and Technology of the Nation between 2003 and 2007 who also headed the Science, Technology and Innovation portfolio between 2021 and 2023.


“Although that text was not approved by the Chamber of Deputies, it showed the true intentions of the government”said Filmus that defined those intentions in three big ideas: “One, the destruction of the school system by eliminating the obligation to attend school; two, the privatization of science-based companies and three, the dissolution of organizations related to scientific and technological development such as Conicet”.

In the presentation in which hundreds of students, teachers, officials and university workers gathered, the former minister had stated that in the Milei government nobody understands the idea of ​​Nationand consequently, assured “They also don’t understand the idea of ​​Education”.

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