Loan Peña case: who is detained and the latest news about the search | 11 days since her disappearance in Corrientes

Loan Peña case: who is detained and the latest news about the search | 11 days since her disappearance in Corrientes
Loan Peña case: who is detained and the latest news about the search | 11 days since her disappearance in Corrientes

Loan, the child who was left in the worst of helplessness

Faced with the firm hypothesis that the boy Loan Danilo Peña, who disappeared 12 days ago in the Corrientes town of 9 de Julio, was the victim of a human trafficking network, The case and its search went to federal justice.

Five of the detainees were charged with the crime of recruiting people for the purposes of exploitation, aggravated by the victim being under 18 years of age. The sixth – Commissioner Walter Maciel – was charged with concealment. The case, which generated a strong national commotion– occurs in a context of dismantling by the Government of Javier Milei of public policies to prevent human trafficking and accompany victims of this crime and prevent there from being “liberated zones.”

For prosecutors, Loan was “captured” and to mislead, the detainees “planted evidence”

The disappearance of Loan Peña It keeps the entire country in suspense. After eleven days of searching and after pursuing different clues and hypotheses, this Monday the investigation passed to the Federal Justice, due to suspicions that it was a case of human trafficking.

Prosecutors Castillo and Barry

In this context, The prosecutors Those who carried out the investigation during this first stage issued an opinion in which they expressed their version of what happened based on the evidence they gathered and which led, so far, to the arrest of six suspects.

In the extensive document they sent to Guarantees Judge Darío Alejandro Ortíz, who referred the case to the Federal Justice, prosecutors Guillermo Barry and Juan Carlos Castillo ruled out that the child was lost and assured that “they captured him” for exploitation purposes. Likewise, they stated that “evidence was planted.”

Gustavo Valdés: “We can now talk about a possible cause of trafficking”

After the unexpected turn that the investigation into the disappearance of the little boy took Loan Danilo Peña, the governor of Corrientes, Gustavo Valdésconfirmed that the case can be treated “of possible human trafficking”.

The president of the UCR, partner of the PRO and ally of the national government revealed that debated this hypothesis with the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrichwho for this reason will travel to Paraguay to meet with his peers from that country in order to analyze the new clues of the incident.

Chronology of the case that moves the country and the hypotheses of Justice

Seeking Loan Danilo Peña went through several stages, hypotheses and twists since the disappearance was reported, the June 13th. Although at first everything indicated that the youngest of 5 years had been lost in a swampy area in the town of July 9th, in Corrientes, almost on the border with Entre Ríos, now the case is on the verge of changing the criminal classification to investigate the kidnapping.

From the initial doubts to the raids, tests and arrests, how the investigation progressed day by day and the version that he could be a victim of a trafficking network.

The hypotheses about the disappearance of Loan Peña and what happened in previous cases

By Raúl Kollmann

Sources from the federal prosecutor’s office specialized in the crime of human trafficking, led by prosecutor Alejandra Mangano, summarize what happened to children under six years of age in the last five years. The applied Sofia Alert -which leads to the implementation of urgent measures to search for children- on five occasions between 2019 and 2024. One case was that of Guadalupe Lucero in San Luis, 5 years old. He never showed up. The hypothesis is that someone sexually abused her and killed her.

Arrested and charged, who is who in the disappearance that shocks the country

In it Loan Danilo Peña casethe 5-year-old boy who disappeared on June 13 from the Corrientes town of 9 de Julio, after a lunch at his grandmother’s house, there are several people involved.

They are “accused of human traffickingbut each one in their different roles and responsibilities,” the judge in the case, Darío Ortíz, said this Monday. Likewise, in the child’s family, several of its members participated in the lunch where Loan was last seen, and they maintain different positions. regarding what happened to the child.



3 hours ago

New image of the red car in Chaco

They appeared new images of the red Ford Ka carbelonging to the two accused as co-authors of the disappearance of loan.

This is the main clue in the case, after the smell test carried out by the dogs was positive based on the reference odor that was given to them, belonging to the five year old boy.

Image: screenshot.

In the images you can see the red vehicle crossing the bridge that connects the provinces of Corrientes and Chaco and that it belonged to the retired military man, Carlos perez, and his wife, Maria Victoria Caillavaan official of the Municipality of 9 de Julio, where she worked as Production Director.

Both were accused by prosecutors Juan Carlos Castillo and Guillermo Barry of the crime of “recruitment of people for exploitation purposes aggravated by the victim being under 18 years of age Art. 145 ter last paragraph, based on art. 145 bis of the CP as material co-authors, art. 45 of the CP”.



3 hours ago

Patricia Bullrich’s delayed reaction

Quick when it comes to reacting with repression in the face of protests against the adjustment of Javier Milei or to show its harmony with the heavy hand of Nayib Bukele, Patricia Bullrich He did not have the first reflexes before the disappearance of Loan Danilo Peña.

The Minister of Security He referred to the case for the first time last Sunday, More than a week after the trace of the Corrientes boy was lostand just this Tuesday June 25 he announced his decision to travel to Paraguay to learn more about the search for the minor. The official’s intention is to meet with local police authorities, given the suspicion that the boy was the victim of a trafficking case and that he could be in that country.



4 hours ago

Patricia Bullrich prohibits her officials from speaking to the media

Patricia Bullrich informed his officials of the Ministry of Security that “they should not talk to the press” on the case of loan.

All officials of the Ministry of Security are reminded that they should not contact the mediaon any matter, without being authorized for this purpose by the Director of Communication, Mr. Carlos Cortés and, even in that case, coordinate the content of the message with him. In particular, they should not communicate with the press about facts or opinions linked to the search for Loan Danilo PEÑA“says the text of the circular.

Image: Screenshot.



4 hours ago

What is the Sofia alert that is activated by missing children?

After the disappearance of Loan Peña in Corrientes, the authorities activated the Sofia Alert, a system that immediately disseminates the image and information of missing children and that his life is considered to be at “high imminent risk.” Its execution is in charge of the Ministry of National Security. How does Sofia Alert work?


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