The magic of the Tour of Colombia

The magic of the Tour of Colombia
The magic of the Tour of Colombia

Regarding the 74th Tour of Colombia, at Signal Memoria we want to remember the adventures and efforts that gave rise to one of the most important sports competitions in the country.

On January 5, 1951, the first Tour of Colombia began. A cycling competition that was proposed for the first time to travel through several departments of the country. This quixotic idea arose from the efforts of Efraín “El Zipa” Forero, Donald Rasquin and “Remolacho” Martínez, who managed to obtain sponsors and demonstrate that it was possible to travel the country’s roads by bicycle. There are many adventures that have been told about that first Vuelta, the terrible condition of the roads, the multiple falls, the physical and economic effort of the participants to compete in this event that for the first time united fans from various departments.

Part of the success of the Vuelta a Colombia was that it became a way to get to know, through radio broadcasts, various corners of the country. At a time when the country was not very physically connected and also suffered daily from bipartisan violence, being able to travel and imagine the national territory through sport became a vital pulse.

This magic and passion that cycling awakens, even after 74 editions of the competition, has to do with the way in which a magical narrative has been built with heroes, adventures, dramas and many epic victories that have become an indispensable part of our construction of collective identity.

For this reason we want to remember today those anecdotes of the legendary sports narrator Carlos Arturo Rueda, who had the difficult task of narrating (or fictionalizing) the first versions of the Vuelta a Colombia where the origin of our own national mythology was born.


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