RM, Valparaíso and Bío Bío: the regions where the most work accidents were reported in 2023 | Economy

RM, Valparaíso and Bío Bío: the regions where the most work accidents were reported in 2023 | Economy
RM, Valparaíso and Bío Bío: the regions where the most work accidents were reported in 2023 | Economy

The Superintendency of Social Security (Suseso) In recent days, it has delivered the report detailing the figures for work accidents and occupational diseases during 2023.

It details a drop in the number of work and commute accidents compared to the previous period, as well as incidents with fatal results. On the other hand, occupational diseases due to Covid-19 showed a sharp drop compared to 2022, while mental pathologies are becoming more and more relevant.

According to the document, last year a monthly average of 7,208,988 workers They were protected by the insurance contemplated in Law No. 16,744, either through employers’ mutual societies and ISL, which corresponds to 79.5% of employed workers.

The majority of protected workers were concentrated in the Metropolitan region (58.2%), Valparaíso (7.3%) and Bío Bío (6.3%).

Workplace accidents in regions

Along these same lines, “of the total 207,477 accidents occurred in 2023 in the Employer Mutual Insurance sector of Law No. 16.7445, 72% correspond to work accidents (149,854) and 28% due to travel accidents (57,623). The Metropolitan (85,443), Valparaíso (13,628) and Biobío (8,787) regions accounted for the highest proportion of work accidents, equivalent to 57%, 9% and 6%, respectively,” the report details.

Compared to the previous year, work accidents fell by 3.8% (about 5,969 fewer).

In the case of travel accidents, the figures were once again concentrated in the Metropolitan (39,540), Valparaíso (4,693) and Bío Bío (2,720), accounting for some 57,623 nationwide.

When compared to the 2022 statistics, there is a 1.8% decrease in travel accidents, or 1,083 fewer.

Fatal accidents

As to fatal accidents, 313 were registered in Mutuals and ISLof which 184 were due to work accidents (59%) and 129 while traveling (41%)decreasing 6% and 7%, respectively, compared to the previous year.

The majority of fatal work accidents occurred in the metropolitan area (51), Valparaíso (17), Los Lagos (15) and Bío Bío (14), while commuting fatalities occurred more in the Metropolitan area (39), Bío Bío (21), O’Higgins (12) and Valparaíso (11).

Occupational diseases

About the section of Occupational Diseases; During last year, 23,095 were registered, presenting a drastic decrease of 43.3%, after the 40,727 in 2022.

According to Suseso, this responds to the “decrease in Covid-19 cases, which decreased by 59% between 2022 and 2023, going from 33,467 cases in 2022 to 13,630 in 2023.”

However, occupational diseases with a diagnosis of Covid continue to be the predominant ones with 59.0% of the total, while diseases due to diagnoses other than this grew by 30%, from 7,260 to 9,465.

At the regional level, the figures show that the greatest preponderance of occupational disease diagnoses due to Covid-19 are in the Valparaíso region (84.2%), followed by Magallanes (72.4%) along with Arica and Parinacota (71 ,4%).

“On the other hand, when isolating the Covid-19 effect and if only the rest of the diagnoses other than Covid-19 are considered, It is observed that mental health pathologies become relevantreaching 68% of the total number of occupational diseases nationwide (6,430 cases),” Suseso highlighted.

“Thus we see that in the regions where mental health pathologies have greater representation with respect to other diagnoses are Tarapacá (85% of the total of their occupational diseases are mental health), Aysén (83%) and Arica and Parinacota (78% ),” they added.

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