When will be the next holiday in Chile and the new long weekend for 2024

When will be the next holiday in Chile and the new long weekend for 2024
When will be the next holiday in Chile and the new long weekend for 2024

Chile has 20 holidays marked on its calendar during the year 2024, which serve as a day of rest for workers and students of all levels. These days are part of a list of holidays, which has multiple dates of a civic, religious and essential nature.

Throughout the year there are only four long holidays—holidays that join Saturdays and Sundays to add days off from work—marking a contrast with 2023, which had eight. Some of these extended holidays are New Year’s Eve (Saturday, December 30 and Sunday, December 31, 2023, plus January 1, 2024) and National Holidays (Wednesday, September 18, Thursday, September 19, Friday, September 20, Saturday, September 21, and Sunday, September 22). . These last days of work break will mark this second semester.

Chilean legislation contemplates that a day of commemoration that does not have a religious or traditional character can be moved to allow all these days to come together. Additionally, the Chilean labor system considers the so-called essential holidays. According to current regulations, these days are free for a large part of the country’s workers, including those who work in essential businesses such as supermarkets and pharmacies. Those who need to purchase basic products during those days should go to businesses run by their own owners or pharmacies that open their doors according to a shift.

The holidays of the second half of 2024



  • Tuesday, July 16: Day of the Virgin of Carmen.


  • Thursday, August 15: Assumption of the Virgin.


  • Wednesday, September 18: National Holidays (inalienable).
  • Thursday, September 19: Day of the Glories of the Army (inalienable).
  • Friday, September 20: Additional holiday for National Holidays.


  • Saturday, October 12: Meeting of Two Worlds.
  • Sunday, October 27: Municipal Elections, Regional Councilors and Regional Governors (non-waivable).
  • Thursday, October 31: Day of the Evangelical and Protestant Churches.


  • Friday, November 1: All Saints’ Day.
  • Sunday, November 24: Second round of the election of Regional Governors.


  • Sunday, December 8: Immaculate Conception.
  • Wednesday, December 25: Christmas (inalienable).

Exceptions for essential holidays

The Chilean Labor Directorate, the state agency that supervises the working conditions of Chileans, has detailed the conditions under which the non-waivable holiday applies. According to the legislation, days of this type benefit all workers, including those who perform functions in commerce. The only ones left out of this benefit are club employees; restaurants; entertainment establishments (cinemas, live shows, nightclubs, pubs and cabarets); commercial premises at public civil aerodromes and airports; gaming casinos and other legally authorized gaming venues; fuel sales establishments; emergency pharmacies and pharmacies that must fulfill shifts set by the health authority; and convenience stores associated with fuel sales establishments.

Employers who do not comply with these regulations risk fines ranging from 5 Monthly Tax Units (UTM), equivalent to 317,500 pesos (364 dollars) to 20 UTM, equivalent to 1.2 million pesos (1,458 dollars).

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