Diversifying markets and growing arrivals are goals for tourism › Cuba › Granma

Diversifying markets and growing arrivals are goals for tourism › Cuba › Granma
Diversifying markets and growing arrivals are goals for tourism › Cuba › Granma
Markets with potential for growth in the issuance of visitors to Cuba have been identified. Photo: Juvenal Balan

The arrival of tourists to Cuba – at the end of the first five months of the year – shows a growth of 3% in relation to the same period of the previous year, a result, fundamentally, of the increase in visitors from Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, China, Brazil and Türkiye, among others.

This was reported to Granma by Pilar Álvarez Azze, general director of Marketing of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (Mintur), who specified that Russia registers the highest growth among all nations (+85.46%).

“It is estimated that the arrival of Russian visitors to Cuba this year will exceed the figure of 200,000, leaving behind last year’s record (185,000),” he assured.

He stressed that, although the current circumstances are a challenge, which limit the development of the sector, fundamentally due to the pressures exerted by the United States Government blockade against Cuba, the number of arrivals planned for 2024 of exceeding three million is maintained. visitors.

To this end, he expressed that they are working on identifying actions that stimulate trips to Cuba, both from traditional markets and new niches.

«We have new operations for the so-called low season of international tourism in Cuba –summer 2024–, as well as for the high season –winter 2024-2025–, especially from Latin America, which allows us to diversify the issuing markets to the Island and increase the current participation fees,” he said.

Álvarez Azze meant that the joint work between Mintur and the Ministry of Transportation allowed us to design a strategy to recover air operations, with the aim of gradually approaching the levels of the years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, the offer is expanded with wellness and quality of life services and cultural tourism.

For several years, he said, the organization and entities associated with the sector have identified markets with potential for growth in the flow of visitors to Cuba; hence the importance of diversifying the origins of travelers as a strategy to stimulate international tourism in our country.

In this sense, non-traditional markets are worked on in different regions of the world, including Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

He specified that in some of these results are already being seen and it is estimated, in the short and medium term, volumes of tourist emissions higher than the current ones.

Another action focuses on attracting new tour operators who have found in Destination Cuba a product different from the traditional one sold in Caribbean destinations.

“Links with online travel agencies (OTAS) have been expanded, in the interest of responding to new traveler demands and diversifying distribution channels,” he noted.

Álvarez Azze pointed out that, additionally, products linked to nautical, nature, educational and youth tourism, cultural tourism, families, circuits and health are promoted, through the attraction of new tour operators specialized in these modalities in markets with high reserves, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Argentina and Brazil.

The above, he emphasized, is contemplated within the campaign to promote the Cuba Única destination.

The Mintur official added that the facilities for Cubans residing abroad are increased, in terms of car rental, and packages that include accommodation in hotel facilities for reunions with family and friends, among other services. In addition, new product trends in world tourism are identified, with the aim of adapting them to the conditions of Cuba and enriching them based on the attributes of our destination.

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