The box vandalized and dismantled by unknown persons in the San Lorenzo Lagoon in Neuquén will be restored

They vandalized and robbed the recently inaugurated educational center in Laguna San Lorenzo, in the city of Neuquén and whose objective was to receive boys and girls from schools during guided tours in the Laguna de San Lorenzo Protected Natural Area. They announced that after the act of vandalism, sand will be put back into condition in another sector.

«We start the week with the worst of the waves. “Very angry about this situation that is repeated and does not stop,” The Undersecretary of Environment and Citizen Protection of the city of Neuquén, Francisco Baggio, stated through social networks.

Neuquén woke up with the terrible news, where it was detailed that They stole the entire electrical installation and dismantled the bathroom.

In addition, they broke a desk and took the window and grill. “A booth was intended to work and receive boys and girls from the city’s schools who take guided tours of the Lagoon, to enjoy the nature of this urban wetland and its native flora and fauna,” said the official.

Staff of the Neuquén Police carried out the tests and they are investigating the criminal act to find those responsible.

The educational box was inaugurated last Wednesday by the Municipality of Neuquénwith the idea of ​​improving guided tours and appreciating the nature of the place.

“We are going to leave it in condition again”

The undersecretary of Environment and Citizen Protection of the city of Neuquén, Francisco Baggio, in dialogue with the newspaper RÍO NEGRO, maintained that “it is a place of reference and fulfills the function of serving contingents of male and female students at the time of starting the tour. through the San Lorenzo Lagoon” and that although it was inaugurated last week, «It was installed 20 days ago and received students from a school. “We inaugurated it after it was painted.”

He added that in “In this space you could prepare a mate cocido, you could leave the children’s backpacks, a municipal dependency as an educational field and the truth is that the news was sad. We thought that with the use it had and the intervention that had been given to the art area by painting it with drawings of flora and fauna native to the place, it was vandalized in a very violent way.

Besides, The official explained that the educational box will be put back into condition But he clarified that “we are going to remove it and put it inside the parking lot of the Western Cultural Center (CCO), it will be better guarded.”

Baggio maintained that this box is of “vital importance” within the urban wetland of the San Lorenzo Lagoon. and that «it is very characteristic of our city and that it contains flora and fauna. But mainly, because of the more than 300 species of birdlife that are registered in the Province, the Lagoon contains 90 species that are registered.

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