Red stole bicycles in the Bay Area and sold them in Mexico – Telemundo Bay Area 48

Red stole bicycles in the Bay Area and sold them in Mexico – Telemundo Bay Area 48
Red stole bicycles in the Bay Area and sold them in Mexico – Telemundo Bay Area 48

Dozens of high-end bicycles were resold in Mexico after being stolen in several cities in the Bay Area.

In recent years, an increase in reports of theft of these items caught the attention of Bryan Hance, co-founder of the nonprofit Bike Index.

“For 4 years, I have collected information from social media pages that sold used electric bicycles for only a third of their regular price. What shocked me the most was realizing that several of those bikes had been stolen in Silicon Valley,” Hance explained.

Their tracking and investigation work led the FBI to corroborate the existence of a complex international bicycle theft market network.

As a result, a federal grand jury indicted Victoriano Romero, 53, who owns an automotive shop in San Jose, with receiving the stolen bicycles, taking photographs, disassembling them, packaging them and transporting them to Mexico where they were resold through advertisements. In Internet.

“E-bikes are extremely expensive these days,” Hance said.

According to the investigation, some bicycles were stolen during the night from homes in San Francisco and Redwood City and later transported to Jalisco, Mexico.

“Electric bicycles are relatively small and easy to transport. “They are stored in places where people are not watching all the time like garages or apartment complexes, and in the Bay Area they are everywhere so they are an easy target,” Hance said.

The federal indictment against Romero links him to stolen bicycles of the Serotta Titanium, Bulls Grinder Evo and Cervelo C3 Carbon brands, which were stolen between April 2020 and April 2021, whose value ranged between $3,000 and $9,000.

“There is another individual in Mexico who would be linked, who advertises the bicycles on a special private network that is only accessible to people who live in Mexico,” Hance said.

Authorities indicated that this accomplice, who has not been named by them, kept an accounting book with all the profits from said sales.

Victoriano Romero faces 3 federal charges and is free on bail. His next appearance is scheduled for April 10.

“My organization will continue to support bicycle owners by offering them a space where they can register their bicycles and have a trusted network,” Hance said.

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