From July 8 to 19 there will be winter break in the province

So many students, of all levels and modalities, as well as teachers and professors mark on the calendar how many days are left for the well-deserved vacations or winter break what in San Juan, which runs from July 8 to 19, as established by the Ministry of Education of the province, as well as Catamarca or Entre Ríos For example.

After the extra-long weekends in the month of June, July will have another holiday, which is Tuesday, July 9, but it will not have a bridge holiday.

Hence, the official calendar of the winter holidays is already defined and depends on each province, dates that vary depending on the province, but in general, the winter holidays take place between July 8 and 26, 2024. .

The detail:

Córdoba: July 8 to 19.

City of Buenos Aires: July 15 to 26.

Province of Buenos Aires: July 15 to 26.

Catamarca: July 8 to 19.

Entre Ríos: July 8 to 19.

Formosa: July 15 to 26.

Jujuy: July 15 to 26.

Mendoza: July 8 to 19.

San Luis: July 8 to 19.

Santa Fe: July 8 to 19.

Skip: July 8 to 19.

Currents: July 15 to 26.

La Pampa: July 8 to 19.

La Rioja: July 8 to 19.

Chaco: July 15 to 26.

Chubut: July 15 to 26.

Missions: July 15 to 26.

Neuquén: July 8 to 19.

San Juan: July 8 to 19.

Santa Cruz: July 15 to 26.

Santiago del Estero: July 15 to 26.

Río Negro: July 8 to 19.

Tierra del Fuego: July 15 to 26.

Tucumán: July 8 to 19.

How was the calendar defined?

The dates of the winter vacations are established jointly by the educational authorities of each province, taking into account the national holiday calendar and seeking to guarantee the 190 class days established by the Federal Council of Education (CFD).

What can you do during the winter holidays?

Winter holidays are an opportunity to rest, enjoy family and do outdoor activities. There are many options to choose from, from trips to tourist destinations to cultural and sports proposals in each city.

It is important to remember that:

The start and end dates of winter holidays may vary slightly in some provinces.

It is recommended to consult with local educational authorities for the most accurate information.

During the winter holidays, it is important to take precautionary measures to avoid accidents and illnesses.

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