Cambio Radical criticized Dian for the scandal involving Laura Sarabia’s brother: “But with Doña Segunda very diligent”

Cambio Radical criticized Dian for the scandal involving Laura Sarabia’s brother: “But with Doña Segunda very diligent”
Cambio Radical criticized Dian for the scandal involving Laura Sarabia’s brother: “But with Doña Segunda very diligent”

Cambio Radical comments on the controversy involving Laura Sarabia’s brother and questions that Dian was not aware of this situation – credit Colprensa and @PCambioRadical

A new name has generated questions and comments around Laura Sarabia, the right hand of President Gustavo Petro. This is her brother, Andrés Sarabia, a 26-year-old young man with influential relationships and a life of luxury.

When his Laura Sarabia assumed the direction of Dapre, his brother Andrés resigned from his job as an advisor in a legislative unit of Congress and moved to a luxurious apartment in Parque de la 93, an exclusive sector of northern Bogotá.

The change of housing has been accompanied by complaints of other excessive luxuries of Andrés Sarabia, which do not correspond to his income, in response to which the Cambio Radical party made several publications referring to the issue and even criticized the Dian for having closed the picket line. Doña Segunda, but has not been aware of the taxes and financial movements of Laura Sarabia’s brother.

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In your message, The political party recalled that Laura Sarabia’s brother, Andrés Sarabia, flew by private plane to Karol G’s concert in Medellín.

“People who went to Medellín on a private plane to Karol G’s show: La Bichota. Andrés Sarabia, brother of Laura Sarabia, who went from a modest lifestyle to one full of luxuries. And the DIAN there if she doesn’t say anything, but with Doña Segunda very diligent,” the political party commented on its X account.

Cambio Radical comments on the Andrés Sarabia controversy – credit @PCambioRadical

Laura Sarabia, who served as the Chief of Staff of the Petro Government, left her position after the polygraph scandal to Marelbys Meza, the nanny, who was treated as a suspect in the investigation of the theft of a large amount of money from the home of Gustavo Petro’s former chief of staff.

At that time, Laura, her brother Andrés Sarabia and Andrés Parra decided to start a new business project. The firm, which still operates under the name ALA Consulting SAS, bears the initials of its three founders.

The company was established in mid-2023, with Andrés Parra as legal representative and Andrés Sarabia as alternate. According to the records of the Chamber of Commerce, the company is dedicated to consulting both nationally and internationally, although no further details about its activities are specified.

Faced with the accusations, Laura Sarabia’s brother stated that his work focuses on consulting for the private sector and that he has not held meetings or carried out any action with government entities or officials.

On the other hand, the brother of the national government official told Semana magazine that: “The ALA company was created to provide exclusive advice in the private sector and has never had links or ties with any state entity.”

Daniel Briceño talks about the change in lifestyle of Laura Sarabia’s brother – credit @Danielbricen

In addition to the Cambio Radical political party, other opposition political figures commented on the situation. Such was the case of the councilor of the Democratic Center Daniel Briceño, who regarding the situation commented in his X account that: “From August 1, 2022 to March 2023 Andrés Felipe Sarabia Torres, brother of Laura Sarabia, earned 6 SMMLV as assistant to the Green Party House representative Santiago Osorio. Today he travels by private plane to Karol G concerts.”

In that sense, the representative to the Chamber for the Democratic Center Andrés Forero wondered what the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro Urrego, would have said if the Sarabia brothers’ controversy occurred in another Government.

Andrés Forero questions what President Petro would have said if the controversy between Laura Sarabia and her brother had been in another Government – credit @AForeroM

“What would @petrogustavo say if the scandal involving Laura Sarabia and her brother had occurred in another government? The secrets that she knows must be tremendous for the president to keep Sarabia in her position despite all the scandals that surround her. The change,” commented the legislator belonging to the Seventh Commission of the House of Representatives.

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